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After about a day and a half of work by me [DrHouse] and Jon[tw.n], we
bring you HouseBot! It's up to you to decide on which MapleStory window
you want keys sent to, its delay, and the key you want sent. Awkwardly,
bhcoder also released a multi-maple bot as well, but i swear..we had no
idea and that we did not copy him. This works on every
version of MapleStory, no matter which region you play on. Please do
remember that this is the first release, but everything on there should
work perfectly. The only problem so far is saving and loading, which is
practically useless since window handles change. There aren't any uses
for them right now, that is...until we release the updated version(s)
of this bot.
Enjoy! Because, surely everyone will love this bot Razz

- Run HouseBot (If you're on Windows Vista, or Windows 7, then you'll have to run it as an administrator.)
- Click on [Add]
- Click the down arrow on the combo box next to [Window], and select
one of the Hwnd(each one is a different MapleStory window, the new
update will make this easier.)
- After you've selected the MapleStory window that you want to send it
to, head down and provide a description for the function that you're
adding (Attack, Loot, etc..)
- Next, you just have to set a delay, the minimum is 10ms, which is how fast you want the key to be sent.
- Afterwards, click [Add]
- The function that you've just added should now be shown on the main form with a hot key to the left of the [Description]
- Press that hotkey and the key you've specified will be sent to the specified window

HouseBot v1.1 | Password : w8babyftw
Mirror - HouseBot v1.1 | Password : w8babftw

Please do not re-upload to other mirrors, and if you
want to post on other forums, just link back to this thread instead.

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Nice release and works great! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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its a/b

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how do u make the hacks wrk?

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