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Corrected a bunch of errors. Thanks guys.There is an issue with it working on Windows 7, but I think I might have fixed it. Updated version can be downloaded here.

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  • MapleStory Window Selection - Any of the F1-F12 keys can be used to detect an active MapleStory window.
  • Key Settings - Any key can set to be used for NPC chat and the Attack skill.
  • AuoPot HP/MP - Key-based autopot for either HP or MP that can be used at a user defined interval (in milliseconds).
  • Movement Interval - Inside PQ stages the character is moved in alternating directions at a user defined interval (in seconds).
  • Trace Information - Provides a display of all information
    regarding the actions of the program itself. Including thread
    start/abort times, key presses, and key press durations (in
  • Level Selection
Extra Features

  • Opacity - Will change the window's opacity to make it look anywhere from nearly transparent to completely opaque.
  • Force Foreground Window - Will force the MapleStory Window
    to always have keyboard focus. NOTE: This does not mean that you can do
    other things while the bot is running. In fact, it will prevent ANY
    window from being selectable while the botting process is active.
  • Always On Top

  • F9 - Will show/hide the trace information window.
  • F10 - Toggles the Force Foreground Window status.
  • F11 - Aborts the botting process.
Source Code (Does not include UI code)
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  • This has only been tested on Cleric-class characters. However, it should work just as with any character using multi-directional multi-target attack (Mob skills).
  • Administrator privileges are required for this to run effectively.
  • This bot will be updated after every patch, and if you have any suggestions or criticisms, feel free to let me know.
  • A high-resolution timer is used for wait and time-checks internally.
  • The working set size of the process is reset before every run, so
    the bot continually uses as little memory as it can (within reason).
  • I wrote this in C#.

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Amazing, definitely worth trying.

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