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Level 2
Level 2
Here it is! The much anticipated v.83 of the The Nu||z Pyramid PQ.
Never before has one bot given you so much control over one party
quest! v.83 represents a myriad of improvements and introduces several
new and fresh features!

>>> Windows Vista/7 Users ~ You MUST run this program 'As An Administrator' for it to work as intended.

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*** Feb 23 2010 @ 2:50 AM EST - Change Direction After Movement (FIXED)

What it does
The Nu||z Pyramid PQ (NzPyPQ) is a bot program that will move your
character into the Monster Survival PQ located at Nett's Pyramid
(PyPQ). The bot program will repeatedly enter the party quest, complete
it, collect a gem after completion and then repeat. This process
happens on a continuous loop without any need for player interaction.

What it doesn't do
The bot program does not collect the boxes from the bonus stage of the
party quest. That part is up to you. It will one complete the PQ and
farm the gems that are collected.

What's new?

  • Automatic MapleStory Window Detection - The old system is gone. The bot will now provide you with a list of all your active MapleStory windows and allow you to pick which one to target.
  • Lag-O-Meter
    - For those who suffer erratic lag conditions or who want to protect
    themselves from possible lag, the bot provides a meter for lag
    compensation. You can set your lag level to Minimum, Average, Heavy, or
    Maximum and the bot will calculate how much time is needed for NPC chat
    delays. The setting is preemptive not dynamic. (If you set the meter to
    minimum lag, and you experience heavy lag conditions, the bot can not
    compensate unless you set it to the right lag conditions.)
  • Character Movement Duration - You can now set how far to the left/right your character will walk at it's movement interval. Speed is no longer an issue. (FIXED)
  • Asynchronous time-based AutoPot - The third of the AutoPot systems used. This version is 100% accurate with only 10ms variance; use it wisely, it will AutoPot at you given interval, so make sure you have as many pots as you need.
  • Change Direction After Movement
    - This will prevent your character from "hugging" a wall by immediately
    switching its attack direction after a left/right movement.
  • Emote After Quest Completion
    - Your character will make anywhere between 1-3 random faces during the
    intermission between each PQ run. This helps mask the fact that you're
    botting (and its pretty funny).
  • The PAUSE Feature
    - You can now "pause" the bot during it's run. Pausing requires that
    your character be currently inside a PQ stage. When paused your
    character will continue to attack, but will not move itself to the left
    or the right; the monsters inside the PQ will usually knock you around
    enough so that your a type of UA is in effect. If the character is
    still paused after all 5 stages have been completed, the character will
    wait at the PQ exit until un-paused. The pause is time-accurate -- That
    means that the bot knows what to do and where it is when un-paused, you
    do not need to restart. The great thing about
    this feature is that while in pause mode, the keyboard lock is muted so
    you can use other windows and do other tasks on your computer without
    corrupting the bot process.
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  • Import, and Export (Save) Settings
    - You can now save all your key configurations and bot settings. You
    can also load the settings from saved files. This allows you to create
    different setting profiles for different types of characters, and load
    them accordingly.
  • Key Injection Method Selection
    - The bot will now allow you to choose between two (4 in future
    versions) different methods of key injections. Each one has unique
    caveats. By default the bot will use a mixture of the two methods, but
    you can choose which one you prefer.
  • Minimize To System Tray - self explanatory.
  • Super Hide
    - The bot can hide itself completely from the system view while
    operating. Your character will continue to bot and while super hide is
    active the bot will disappear completely.
  • Guided Help System -
    The bot now includes a help menu which provides explanations and screen
    shots of all of the bot's features as well as a FAQ page to answered
    your questions.
  • Improved Action Tracing - The Trace window now includes more information about the bot process and allows you to save the trace record as a log file.

  • 100% Undetectable
  • 100% No A/B
  • Will work with ANY Version of GMS
  • Support for Adventurers
  • Support for Knights of Cygnus
  • Support for Arans
  • User-defined Keys
  • User-defined intervals
  • Lock Keyboard Focus - When enabled prevents any window other than the target MapleStory window from obtaining keyboard focus.
  • Window Transparency
  • High-resolution Timers
  • Lag Protection
  • Minimal Memory Usage
  • AutoPot HP - Automatically triggers pot usage at a specified interval.
  • AutoPot MP - Automatically triggers pot usage at a specified interval.
  • Action Tracing
  • Left/Right Movement - L/R Duration controls how long your character will spend making a Left/Right movement, and Frequency controls how frequently you character will try to make a Left/Right movement.
*All time values are measured in milliseconds ( 1000 milliseconds = 1 second).

Hot Keys

  • [F5] Toggle the 'Super Hide' state
  • [F6] Open/Close the Trace Window
  • [F7] Pause/Un-Pause
  • [F8] Start/Abort
  • [F9] Enable/Disable Keyboard Focus Locking
  • [F10] Change Lag Compensation Level (Lag-O-Meter)
System Requirements

  • You must have a working installation of the .NET framework v2.0
    or higher. If you don't you will receive an application error when
    executing the program. You can download the .NET framework here, or you can just run a Windows Update.
Directions (Before you begin make sure you have patched your Mob.wz with a yeti filter. If you haven't already one can be downloaded here. Thanks to lolwuthax).

  1. Open MapleStory (Either from the website, or from the executable).
  2. Switch to Windowed Mode.
  3. Run the bot (NzPyPQ.exe); If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must run the bot 'As An Administrator.'
  4. Select a MapleStory window from the drop-down menu.
  5. Configure your settings, or you can load a previously saved settings file.
  6. Click 'Start.'
Enjoy Guys!


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~The Nu||z

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