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Here is a macro
program that i made. I have been using AutoIt and realized that it is
very difficult to learn and use when u have learned a coding language.
They are also very long and tedious to make. So i made this. It makes macros but it only requires a button click. This was mainly made for maplestory.

Right now this can send keys to a process and do mouse clicks.

I will make it so u can pick which window u want to send the keys to .
This is only the first version so dont be too picky but please report
all bugs to me.

In the download there is a script runner and the macro
itself(Life's Macro). The script runner is designed to run the scripts
and has more options when it comes to running the scripts then the
macro creator does. It also prevents people from editing your script.

Error List:

  • When I press the correct button it does not add it<blockquote>Life's Macro is not the topmost program.</blockquote>
  • The is an error upon closing<blockquote>Dont worry it will be fixed next version.</blockquote>

Please report any bugs to me.

Screen Shot:
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Download Life's Macro:
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Life's Macro.rar Macro.rar

Download Script Runner:
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Script Runner.rar Runner.rar

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