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Just to throw it out there, i don't take any credit
at all for this. It's all Flyby's work.

And yes i know i that i don't have alot of posts.

Now, Since everyone can't get HaRepacker working to make edit the Skill
file, i've uploaded it for your hacking pleasure.
Note: The HaRepacker Flyby gave did not work for me either, i got that
missing dll error. I searched around and got Version 3.3 and it worked. I
haven't uploaded it here because virustotal scanned 25/42 viruses.

If you don't care about the viruses and want to use the HaRepacker
yourself, here. HaRepacker

Place Skill.wz in your MapleStory folder.
C;\Nexon\MapleStory - Example.
File is
moderately big - 113mb
I have no idea on how to make it
smaller. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Download: Skill.wz
Following Flyby's word, apparently it does not d/c or A/B. But still,
you take the risk.

Also, for people that had edited the file and it doesnt work for you,
don't bother downloading this. It'll just have the same result.
It still crashes after i choose my character but it might work for some

Good luck.

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Level 2
Level 2
uhmmm cool ill try it but do you think there is any chance of a level bot soon
cuz im tierd of my nub level and want cool stuff xD

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Level 1
Level 1
can u explain hoe it works

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