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As you guys know hackshield
has updated and screwed most of the good things over like no recoil,
and d3d menus. Also nexon has patched unlimited respawn. Well this hack
now mostly has Console Commands and also glitcher what makes it
different from other pubs out there.



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[Included Features]
Satelite Chams
No Fog (Disables all fog on map)
Hit Boxes (Draws boxes around all players)
Glitcher (Glitch through walls using the hotkeys (view bottom of thread
for hotkeys)
No Recoil (No Recoil on your gun) [Try not to check NO Recoil, you're
most likely to DC]

No Spread (Less Spread (Combine with no recoil for a perfect line when
Unlimited Respawn (Allows to always spawn no matter what game mode
EXCEPT FireTeam)
Fly (Gravity) (Allows you to jump high without any gravity (1~10 custom
Speed Hack (Allows to move much faster (1~20 custom speeds)
Show Fire Path (Shows path of your bullets that were shot out of your

Extract to desktop
Download the PUB
Open up an injector. (cheetah injector provided in the download)
Open up Combat Arms and and inject the dll
Once you inject it into combat arms ALT TAB once your on the login
screen to get back to ur desktop and then click on the hacks you want

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Virus Scans:
Virustotal. MD5: 68daa5df5b4dbf7dc8cd5d286527f818
Suspicious.Insight Gen:Trojan.Heur.PT.fG4@aqiAfNfi

Digital-Prodigy PUB 4.1.10.rar
MD5:68daa5df5b4dbf7dc8cd5d286527f818 - VirSCAN.org 6% Scanner(s) (2/36)
found malware!

PUB 4.1.10.rar

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