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NOTE: You need the new loader
(Download Below)

ok there had been alot of problems but it has been fixed.
1) changed speed and fly hotkeys
2)it actually works

the only problem is
you need to press inject on the loader at lobby so/intructions:
-open the new loader
-start ca
-at login screen minimize and press inject

Feature List:
Fly----------------- Tab
Speedhack---------- Middle Mouse Button (press scroll bar down)
Glitch/Superspeed---- Hold X

Panic/All hacks off-- Numpad 0
Box ESP------------ Numpad 1
Chams------------- Numpad 2
Fullbright----------- Numpad 3
Ultimate Wireframe - Numpad 4
Skeletons---------- Numpad 6
Player Glow-------- Numpad 8
Wireframe---------- Numpad 9

No Fog------------ Always On
No Spread-------- Always On
FPS--------------- Always On

Hack--------Always On ------------ NEW

(Pickup hack is where you can pickup dropped weapons from a distance
you can also open doors from a distance and turn light switches]

virus scans:

loader.rar - Jotti's malware scan

loader.rar MD5:8d9ee481e5ef66b5f018b4ec96b3de65 -
VirSCAN.org 8% Scanner(s) (3/36) found malware!


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Level 2
DOESNT WORK!!!! MATTYPATTYS Last verison still works this one just contains a bunch of errors -.- FIX IT!

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