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Update List
7th Day Market NPC's basic functions.
Fixed Dojo NPC.
Henesys NPCs
Adbul is the only one that need be corrected.

Other Guy:
-Fixed Cody so that it maxes mastery at the correct time.
-Fixed Cody's blaze wizard advance.
-Updated SQL.
-Updated db.properties.
-Fixed show stage information only if you're the first person in the map for Dojo.
-Fixed Dojo save text so that it doesn't work in party mode.
-Fixed Dojo warp in to work for parties within 30 levels.
-Fixed Dojo quitting message.
-Fixed receive dojo points after going to the next stage.
-Fixed Dojo stage skip glitch.
-Removed CommandProcessor?.java.
-Removed unneeded casts.
-Fixed equip constructor.
-Added ServerMode?.
-Added custom exp system.
-Fixed Super Megaphone spam hack.
-Fixed fast heal hack.
-Fixed random Dojo warp out.
-Fixed Wedding Rings, Friendship Rings, Crush Rings.
-Fixed level up hp problem.
-Fixed wishlists.
-Added correct inventory slots handling.
-Removed InventoryContainer?.java.
-Fixed character slot limit.
-Removed Aran jobs.
-Fixed loading of rings.
-Fixed gun damage multiplier.
-New skill system.
-Revamped inventoryconstants.java.
-Fixed /h command for AdminCommandHandler?.java.
-Fixed some alliance problems.
-Fixed auto-assign to work with > 999 AP.
-Fixed cash shop buying of ring items.
-Added FamilyUseHandler?.java.
-Added new command system.
-Fixed Dojo items to work for the party.
-Fixed player shops.
-Fixed merchant dupes.
-Fixed trading of SoKed? items.
-Fixed display of channel load.
-Fixed buying of packages from cash shop.
-Fixed trading of 1M mesos for characters under level 15.
-Fixed Dojo meso drops.
-Fixed Cygnus intro warp.
-Database revamp.
-Added a few quests.
-Fixed some packets.
-Added Ariant saved location
-Fixed subway npc
-Fixed pendulum npc
-Correct dojo point handling by party
-Correct dojo point gain
-Fixed dojo spawn
-Fixed character deletion
-Fixed buying of quest cash items
-Fixed MP Eater
-Added correct level requirement for stars/bullets
-Fixed merchant saving
-Fixed an Osiris error with an if statement
-Added some ariant portals, which may be wrong
-Fixed AP reset hp/mp gains
-Made ap reset hp/mp gains fall under the same category as it is in GMS
-Fixed quests?
-Fixed able to wash
-Fixed cash shop item usage
-Made dojo script for So Gong 100% GMS alike but untested
-Removed bad stuff in equip constructor
-Proper GMS player npc packets
-Summons fix
-Fixed stimulator NPCs
-Fixed Dojo NPC and made it completely GMS like
-Fixed setting MTS to false while leaving MTS
-Fixed equipping overalls, mounts
-Cleaned up WhisperHandler?.java
-Fixed Vanish
-Probably messed up dash, but maybe fixed
-Merged whisper packets
-Cleaned up cash shop packets
Fixed a npc
Fixed character deletion
Added lame gifting
Added birthday checks
Fixed ariant pq bombs
Small things
-Summon Fix
-Fixed chat/hide
-Added Field Limits to mini games, changing channels, etc
-Fixed dropping pets
-Fixed recharge stars without enough mesos
-Added party search
-Fixed Hyper Body buff while leveling
-Mount exp table fixes
-Mount type fixes?
-Fixed gaining exp for mounts
-Fixed /find?
-Added SaveLocation? for 7th day market
-Fixed 2 headers
-Added sqlwithresult command
-Added ItemSort? 2
-Fixed the button change for item sort 1
-Added an admin command
-Clean up for some things
-Fixed Kenta NPC
-Fixed Chief Tatamo NPC
-Fixed pet saving problem while unequipping
-Fixed something wrong with parties
-Fixed a test mistake in skill books
-Fixed feeding mounts at 0 tiredness
-Finished coding Kenta's Hog Mount quest
-Added a portal for the quest
-HenesysPQ in progress.
-Added HPQ drops
-Got 100% GMS text for Tory, Tommy, and Growlie
-Coded reactors to drop seeds
-Added rice cake reward to Tory -- sql handling not added
-Added Bunny item drop + message
-Fixed small mistake in storages
-Fixed mount message since there isn't supposed to be one
-Added Invisible monsters upon entering map
-Fixed party null bug
-Added clear message
-Fixed small bug regarding moon bunny cake count
-Added all HPQ messages
-Added HPQ moon effect + header
-Fixed small typo
-Removed a useless synchronization in Item Sort

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