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SVN: arberms2
- Revision 1: /
Latest Updates: New
Events | ArberMS2 | Assembla

Works perfectly on Ubuntu

-A ton of custom npc's
-Tons of player commands
@str, @int, @dex, @luk, @save, @job, @expfix, @myap, @emo, @rebirth,
@apreset, @dispose, @goto
-lots of bug fixes
-Trade button opens up spinel
-Little d/c bugs compared to other sources
-Mounts working
-Pink Bean Working *not map just mob*
-Alot of skills work
-NPCs/Monsters spawn from DB
-Amazing mulung Dojo
-Map Script System
!pnpc - Added NPC anywhere permanently
!pmob - Adds Mob anywhere permanently
!cleardrops - Clear Drops
!reloadDrops - Reload Drops

What updates are coming?
Well I am currently in the works of recoding a lot, cleaning up the source, and make it even more stable
*tested for 4 days with 150 ppl online then crashed because mysql

If you
have something bad to say you are not welcome to say it in this thread.
If you do say it I will report your post.

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