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source is based off BubbleDev 113
And v62 Only =]


Revision 1.0
[+]Added New Player commands
[+]Added clean wz file (by:Flav)
[-]Added Proper Auto job (iAkira)
[+]AngelsPoints System (By:Deagan) (Modified: iAkira)
[+]Proper Kins Modified [Knows if ur boy
or girl] (iAkira)
[+]SpawnMonster Method Added (From:ThePack)

Revision 1.1
[+] Fm22 Boss Spawner (From:MoorgaRepack)
[+] Added Congratz on having 10,15,20,30,40,50,100 Fame (iAkira)
[+] Added all in one styler in FM (iAkira)
[+] Amazing Starter Pack (iAkira)
[\] AngelsPoint Manager *Need to update npc - finish first 2 done*
[\] Write GM Commands in command.txt
[+] Gm Command Modified (iAkira)

Revision 1.2
[+] Fixed Starter Pack FULLY WORKING !! (iAkira)
[\] Fm 18 ~ 21 Used for Angel Points events (Map done 21)(iAkira)
[\] Fixed AngelDev's AngelPoints Manager NPC (iAkira)
[\] Add Commands to the new Systems
[+] Gm Levels system 1~4 (iAkira)
[+] Command.txt Updated

Revision 1.3
[+] PlayerHangouts Added (By:Lios) (Modified: iAkira)
[+] Added getreborns() in Maplecharacter (iAkira)
[+] Player Command Clean-Up
[-] Fixed Auto-Register (iAkira)

Rev 1.4
[+] Clean-up Unused Imports &
Code in LoginHandler
[+] Added Unlimited Buffs
[+] Fix a bug in cashshop inventory
[+] Added Maxskills() Method
[+] Completely removed autoregister *Doesnt work anymore*

Rev 1.5
[+] Gain 1 AngelPoint every Level up
[+] Gain 5 angelpoints reaching the levelcap
[+] Gm level 1 commands added
[+] Added PointsCap *AngelsPoints cap*
[+] If reach 500 points,sets to 0 and set gm level 1 till u get above 10
angels point(s)

[+] Removed auto job (doesnt work for
[-] RemovedGm Levels system 1~4
[+] Removed PointsCap *Didnt work on max value*
[+] Removed Skillmaxing option from world and source *we max our skills*
[+] Removed PlayerCommand option From world and source *we use it*

Rev 1.7
[+] Cleaned up Portals
[+] Added one more item to Starter Pack
[+] Updated GM Command & Command.txt
[+] Updated Savelocationtype **Added Gmmap Cause it wont save there**
[+] SQL Updated

Rev 1.8
[+] Import clean-up
[+] File clean up

Rev 1.9
[+] Fixed Welcome Message (Editable by Script ->Portal->advice00)
[+] Fixed Sera
[+] Mayor System
[+] Updated World.Prop
[+] Tons of commands added

Rev 2.0
[+] Fixed CommandProcessor
[+] Fixed Pet disappearance on CS
[+] Removed all in one styler *Use mstyler or fstyler*
[+] Added SnowBall Event (Credits:acEvolution,Bassoe,kevintjuh93)
[+] Angels mode system (Pass 500 AngelPoints, set it to 0 & set
angelmode to 1)
[+] Updated MYSQL
[+] Added Angelmode Commands(If Angelsmode = 1 ,Able to use it ,Commands
are at playercommands)
[+] Added some of my own method for Angels

Rev 2.1
[+] Able to Login Again
[+] Tells u when ur in AngelMode and when it expired
[+] NEW!! Fully customized Angelmode
[+] Added PointsCap (For AngelMode)
[+] Fixed MapleTV (Working Nicely)
[+] Re-added Pet disappearance on CS(Glitches CS on Exit)
[+] Added Guild Home (By:Lios)(Npc:Guild Alliance NPC)
[+] Fixed CS Inv again

UPDATED !! Screenshots:

Known Errors

1.When you buy a cash shop item and exit d/cs u and as u relog u cant
use cashshop again.. (IDK how to fix that o.o ,ill try to figure it out

To-Do List

1.Add mall Shop in fm 20,For Point Manager


Rev 2.1

Link 1 : RapidShare
Link 2 : MegaUpload
Link 3 : Mediafire
Wz Folder's
Link 1 : RapidShare
Link 2 : MegaUpload
Link 3 : Mediafire



ID: angelsdev
Pass: admin

How to support me

  • Support me by DO NOT LEECH any npc i made and
    release it here..
  • Support me by pressing the heart to thank me

  • Support me by Rating the thread =]


Keys terms = ~ Added

Admin Commands - For characters with a GM level of 2.

!horntail - Spawns Horntail.
!npc [npcid] - Spawns a NPC [npcid].
//!ox [on/off] - Sets OX Quiz on the map on or off
!playernpc [user] [script] - Creates a PlayerNPC where you are
standing, script > 9901000
!saveall - Saves the data of the server.
!setgmlevel [person][level] - Set's [person]'s GM level to [level].
!shutdown [minutes] - Shuts down the server.
!shutdownnow - Shuts the server down immediately.
!smega [user] [message] - Sends a smega for [User] with the
message [message].
!speak [user] [message] - Makes [user] say [message].
!sql [command] - Does an ingame SQL Command.
!zakum - Spawns Zakum.


GM Commands - For characters with a GM Level of 1 or 2.

!ap [number] - Sets [number] as ap.
!balrog - Spawns Balrogs.
!ban [user] [reason] - Ban [user].
!bossdroprate [num] - Sets boss drop rate as [num].
!buffme - Gives you a variety of buffs.
!chattype - Switches your GM white chat to black,
or vice-versa.
!cheaters - Shows the cheaters in the server.
!cleardrops - Clears all drops on the map.
~!connected - Checks all the players in the server.
!dc [user] - Disconnects [user].
!droprate [num] - Sets drop rate as [num].
!exp [number] - Sets [number] as exp.
!exprate [num] - Sets exp rate as [num].
!fakechar [num] - Creates a clone of you [num] times.
!fame [user] [number] - Sets [user]'s fame to [number].
!giftnx [user] [amount] - Gifts [user] [amount] nx.
~!gmmap -Warps to GmMap
!gmshop - Opens the GM Shop.
!heal - Heals you to full hp.
!id [name] - Searches IDs with keyword [name].
!item [id] [amount] - Gains item with id [id] and amount
!job [jobid] - Changes your job to [job].
!jobperson [person] [jobid] - Gives [person] job with jobid [jobid].
!kill [user] - Kills [user].
!killall - Kill all monsters in the map.
!level [number] - Sets [number] as level.
!levelperson [user] [level] - Set's [user] to level [level].
!levelpro [level] - Levels you up until you're level
!levelup - Levels you up.
~!maxall [number] - Sets Str/Dex/Int/Luk as [number].
~!map -puts id of the map id
!mesoperson [user] [mesos] - Gives [user] [mesos] mesos.
!mesorate [num] - Sets meso rate as [num].
!mesos [number] - Gives you [number] mesos.
!mushmom - Spawns Mushmoms.
!mute [person] - Mutes [person].
!notice [message] - Sends a messsage [message] to the whole
!nx - Spawns 10 NX Slimes.
!online - Shows how many people are online.
!pap - Spawns Papulatus.
!pianus - Spawns Pianus.
!pos - Shows your position and map id of your
!say [message] - Say [message] to the whole server.
!servermessage [message] - Changes the world message to [message].
!sp [number] - Sets [number] as sp.
!spawn [mob] [amount] - Spawns [amount] of monster [mob].
!unban [userid] - Unbans [user]'s IP and account.
!warp [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal
!warphere [user] - Warps [user] to your map.


Player Commands - Available for all players.

~@angelspoints - Open AngelsDev's AngelPoint Manager
~@buynx <number> - Online nx seller 5k for 1 nx
~@callgm - Calls
for Gm help
~@checkpoints - Check your Angels Points
~@checkrb - How many rb u got
~@cody - Opens Npc - Cody
@dispose - Use if you're stuck.
~@emo - Kills yourself
~@expfix - Fixes negative exp
~@fstyler - Girl Styler -n- Only girls
~@mayor - become Mayor and gain 3*EXP,And use
~@maynotice - make annoucement to the mayor's channel
~@mstyler - Male Styler -n- Only Males
~@presinfo - Show Info on @mayor before using it
~@rates - Shows Server rates
~@save - Saves your data.
~@servergms - Gms of the Server
@rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+
~@ranking <job> - Top
ten player on =>
@str - Adds [amount] str
@dex - Adds [amount] dex
@int - Adds [amount] int
@luk - Adds [amount] luk


Angels Commands - Available for Players with angels set to 1

~@goto <Map name> - Go to a map
~@online - Check whos online


1.Don't flame me i tried my best on this,and if you don't like it GTFO
then,no point on flaming dam

2.spammer dont spam in this thread

Upcoming In Rev 2.2

Add Mall to FM 20
Fix CashShop bug

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