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Edit2: Some of my old players wanted me to release the source without the noob-proofing so that they
could see some servers with the same features. I've re-uploaded it
without the noob-proof and added another SQL file.

Edit: Apparently, you guys can't figure
it out. The Source has everything you need, and the client includes the special .WZs that contain
the custom mounts, chairs, and items. They are used in a few NPCs in the game. If you don't want your
players to have to download the
.wzs, and you don't mind missing out on a ton of really cool items, then
just ignore it.

v62, player npcs, custom items, custom mounts, custom chairs
whatever else eternalms had.

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Client, Including special WZs
-Removed due to RageZone's rules-

Includes a bunch of crap, figure it out yourselves. It is based off
Chaotic, but has a shitton of edits, and most pirate skills do not work.

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