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Added in
PHP Code:

-Richie compass/pig handlers/packets added

-pvp is working i think

-cash shop working

-Mob skill mist fixed(MAYBE ONLY)/added(MAYBE NOT FULL)

Advance, stronger jail system + properties [!jail, !unjail]
Map can be find in properties
!jail <name>
jail <name> <minuts>

Command !pmob added
pmob mobid
What it does
It makes the mob stays

Added killallboogies
How does it work?
It will kill all the boogies in the map
Function example
function act() {

Added ThanksGiving Event
Here's how it works:
Use scheduleAtTimeStamp(event, nextTime) to start the event. (like lolcastle)
while (nextTime <= java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis()) {
nextTime += 1000 * 60 * 60 * math.random(); // anytime within 1 hour

get all map ID'
s and use math.random() to get a random map.

the selected map will spawn a turkey. which will have increditble amount of hp and def like snowman (always hits 10 damages);

Incubator is fixed and added

-ForcedReturnMap added/etc

-Added Steal Skill

-MoveItem bug fix


Maplecharacter setHasCheat
Point System(optional)
Memory leak
hired merchant
And some other things

What will happen after u finish todo
Lag-free maybe?
lots of features?

EDIT : NEW LINK : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

It's not very good, but at least i try
more fun?

You can
-Use it
-Edit it and distribute it
But u cannot
-mirror the link and credit yourself:(

You can login successfully, but autoregister is not working, and you must have a 'pin' textbox in your
registration form or else it will give you a 'incorrect pin' error.
Some Map errors
NPC Problem
Npc cant be seen, which is a really big problem for alot of you.
I will fix it sooner and later, so keep coming to this thread for more
RemoveNPC and some other packets
Sniff it and fix it
Give you a null when you move around in the server, which means it will
cause a little lag.
IP-Check remove
I did not remove ip-check, so if you have time open up the repack and do
it yourself:P
Basically pink bean has no problem, you dont need to remove the element,
because the element is already in c-sauce.
Added in some packets to maplepacketcreator
Ignore constants

After this i think i will make a v75 server, after that a v82 server.
I shall share with you all the sauce first.

Thanks if i helped

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Level 0
Level 0
the login.bat shows something like " net.sf.odinms.net.PacketProcessor registerHandler SEVERE : Check your Recv Packet Opcodes - Something is wrong."

what would that mean?

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