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Version 1.00
Release 4/09/10

This program will bind the key 'Q' into a mod that shoots pistols at an
automatic speed. This is my first release (and first post!) so I thought
I would make it count. This will not shoot 15 bullets in the blink of
an eye. However, it does uses up a lot of ammo.

If you find yourself changing weapons back and forth when pressing 'Q',
then go to Controls in Combat Arms and change 'Previous Weapon' to a key
other than 'Q'. For automatic weapons, it functions as a burst shot mod
(three shots) if you hit 'Q' once, and automatic if you hold 'Q'.

Virus scan: Virustotal. MD5: 3ea63b780993d7cd0b5f54186377b2ec

Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner - Services -

Pistol Pwnage.zip MD5:3ea63b780993d7cd0b5f54186377b2ec -
VirSCAN.org Scanners did not find malware!


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Note: Download is also in attachment.


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