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Snootae Launcher Thingy

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Virus Scan

It does 3 things

1. Open MapleStory (isnt it great)
2. Injects Dlls (oh my god the fantasticalness)
3. Closes the starting screen thingy (i wanna say fantasticalness again)

How To Use
Extract the program (tis a .zip)
Run the program
Select your MapleStory and Dll paths using the buttons
Press the button "Run, Inject, Kill"
Things will happen fast
Close the program
Load it up later all settings returned
Press "Run, Inject, Kill" button again
Time Saved

Version 1.
Main functionality done
Visuals decent

Further Work
Make this thingy close itself (would take about 4 seconds to do, just a checkbox, havent done it yet though)
Add auto login (will probably be vip only)
Add multiple maples (if anyone knows how that works, tell me and ill try add it)



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