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Head Administer

ZenthosDev Version 1.1.

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This source still needs work, its pretty
stable and has good performance. Feel free to tell me what needs
I'm aware that a few things don't work but by request I released this
early and update it as I go.


If you happened to have fixed something that I haven't yet make my life
easy and post it here.

Kinda lazy to code NPC's... soo.... do it yourselfs ^_^

Many commands.
Properties file.
Shop/Merchants. (Haven't tested this in v75)
Weapon Exp. (Haven't coded this yet, it won't be GMS like since I have
no clue how that one is suppose to work but I assume you kill monster
and your item get some exp? no?)
(Other things that I can't think of at this time.)

Known Bugs:
When you CC or relog NX seems to auto unequipped itself.


(Version 1.0)
Clean XiuzSource v62 3.4.

Originally Posted by (Version 1.1)
SQL clean up.
Source clean up.
Updated XiuzSource v62 3.4 to v75.
Personalized the source to 'ZenthosDev' name.
Changed .bat files display.
Changed world.properties to server.properties.
Changed the database.
Added new jobs.
Added new v75 packets.
Added new options in server.properties.
Removed other .properties files.
Removed afkTime system.
Removed Donator system.
Removed Command logs.
Improved the way and times files are read.

Download Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Download Link 2: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
This source was based from XiuzSource v62 3.4.

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you leaked this from ragezon stupid fag

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