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Head Administer
Head Administer
I am proud to bring
you a new CMS to the private server community.


This is my life work you could say in a way. I've been working on this
CMS for the past few months to get everything perfect.

It has everything the best CMS out there has (cype) and more!

It supports up to v76!
Here are the extra settings that have
been added:

-Ranking counts rebirths.
-Clicking character's names jumps to a new player page with stats and
item inventory.
-Info page(holds server info) viewable by users through C-Panel and
editable through Admin-Cpanel.
-GM Panel link now shows up in the side menu and links to gm
-When logged in, if a main character is set in profile settings, it will
say welcome , (your name) and your name will link to a page with your
main char's stats followed by a image of your main character.
-Right below the greeting, if main char is set, a image of your main
char will pop up.
-Added all Cygnus Knights to ranking with option to sort by cygnus
knights(sorry for the image, its kinda crappy, it was a makeshift)
-Download page has the newest maplestory download box.(ripped off
maplestory.nexon.net by me..shhh)
-Multiple styles, changeable by user in the footer if the user is logged
-Player page now displays equipment on equipment inventory table like in
game with a switch at the bottom to alter between showing nx equips and
normal equips.
-Random Screenshot displayer on main page that grabs 2 random images
from images/screenshots/ .
-GMs can upload screenshots on the website through the Gm-Cpanel(gm must
be set to = 1 under the accounts table for the user to be able to
access the Gm-Cpanel )
-Screenshot page that shows all screenshots(through C-panel)
-Staff page shows admins(gm level 5) followed by supergms(gm level 4)
and lastly gms(gm level 1-3 and ranked by gm level) (through C-panel).
-See all screenshots page(through C-panel).
-Added right clicking security covering the whole website(better than
javascript version) so that no one can steal your shiet =)
-Added more game info on main page, right hand side.
-75% of buttons are now input buttons to give the site a more styleish
look and cuz normal links r old-school Wink
-Working redirect on login.
-All-In-One Teleport Manager in C-panel under character fixes filled
with most usefull maps up to v62. Add more if youd like Smile
-User C-Panel Message Has Now Been Implemented.
-Cursors work just like styles now. Upload/Edit/Delete through Admin
C-panel. Change default through Admin C-panel>Properties. Users can
select which one they want to use if logged in.
-Fixed screenshot directory listing. No need to manualy configure it
-Install.php error removed.
-Download images correctly linked.
-Chatbox code can be changed through Admin CP>Properties.
-C-panel > Account settings fixed.
-MySQL error Fixed.
-Forum link editable through Admin CP>Properties.


Live 24/7 Demo:

Feel free to make an account and explore the site and all its features

Added fixes(see below how to install just updates for those of you who
have installed previous versions of ButsagsCMS)


How to install an update:
NOTE: This option is for users who have installed previous versions of
ButsagsCMS and don't need a full install.
1) Extract everything to your website root directory(meaning www/
for wamp users | You don't need to extract the GD directory) and
let it replace everything.

2) Go to www/SQL/ and run the Update.sql script in your MySQL.

3) Enjoy Smile
This is my way of saying Happy Halloween to everyone.

im prob going to stop deving cuz im in college now so no more time 4 me

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Wait So This Is Your PV Server? If So Can You Please Make Me A Account As A gm Because i cant make it my grafics card is showing pixeles saving up for new one Oh And PM me k if you can do so

Contact Me For A Sig
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