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Head Administer
Head Administer
SVN: arberms2
- Revision 1: /
Latest Updates: New
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Works perfectly on Ubuntu

-A ton of custom npc's
-Tons of player commands
@str, @int, @dex, @luk, @save, @job, @expfix, @myap, @emo, @rebirth,
@apreset, @dispose, @goto
-lots of bug fixes
-Trade button opens up spinel
-Little d/c bugs compared to other sources
-Mounts working
-Pink Bean Working *not map just mob*
-Alot of skills work
-NPCs/Monsters spawn from DB
-Amazing mulung Dojo
-Map Script System
!pnpc - Added NPC anywhere permanently
!pmob - Adds Mob anywhere permanently
!cleardrops - Clear Drops
!reloadDrops - Reload Drops

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