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Head Administer
Head Administer
| ShineSource Team:

Rice - The Prao Coder
Deagan - The Awesomeite

~ShineMS | ShineSource
Version | Revision 2.0~

About ShineMS | ShineSouce:
Hmm Hello, just was very bored
and saw a lot of people in the help section asking for NON-GMS like
features for Shoot (MetroMS), So I decided to make this... Also for
those who think I am trying to advertise I'm not. ShineMS is not server
(Yet! (not v75 tho)) just a catchy name. So yeah.


For those of you who want to flame or hate here should really
get a life. People who don't like this release should not post here, if
they do post here and flame by saying "This Release is useless" then
just for you I will make more useless releases, that should make you
happy. This is only for people who want to try this source out or maybe
end up using this source not for haters.

Originally Posted by Revision | Version 2.0

(Version | Revision 2.0)
-[Rice] AutoRegister is not toggable anymore from the properties file
-[Rice] Added more props
-[Rice] Fixed multi-channel support
-Fixed PvP Bug
-KOC Skills Work for PVP (Maybe Not all of em?)
-Organized players/donators commands
-[Deagan] MapleCharacter/clones cleaned up.
-[Deagan] Name changing fixed.
-[Deagan] Leafs drop from every monster. (request)
-[Deagan] Patched spamming.
-[Deagan] Patched DC packets.
-[Deagan] Patched duping packets.


ShineMS | ShineSource Revision Log

(Version | Revision 1.0)
-Based of clean ShootSource | MetroMS revision 225 (Latest)

(Version | Revision 1.1)
-Personalized source name to ShineSource | ShineMS
-Added account in SQL | user : shine and pass: shine
-Added login message in PlayerLoggedInHandler?.java
-Edited ServerlistRequestHandler?.java to ShineMS instead of other world
-Added function getLoad in LoginServer.java
-Changed beginning spawn point to training map?
-Personalized Command System
-Added Basic | Simple Player and GM Commands
-Added Revision Log to the Source also available from @revision
-Made buddylist space to 100
-Fixed !spawn by adding method setOverrideStats in MapleMonster?.java
-Added !warp to Gm commands
-Fixed @cody (Had to add Function that was removed)
-Removed All Unused Imports and Functions (Well most of em)

(Version | Revision 1.2)
-Added Reborn System
-Added Check Reborns in @checkstats
-Added @rebirth with server message
-Player Commands Updated
-Removed Pin (Got annoyed)
-Remove PIN from SQL and made a BackUp SQL
-Added Clean Wz instead of Server Wz // need to do
-Edited Server Constant (Server Message)
-Fixed Cody Command error
-Added Welcome Message for every new Char (Needs to be Edited)
-Updated Login Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.2! Beta Server |
Source. Enjoy."
-Custom Create Char look (Edited in CreateCharHandler?.java)
-Added New Funtions In MapleCharacter?.java
-Tweaked Rebirth Command (Shows your total Rebirth Count and Remaining
-Changed max AP to 32k
-Re-Added PIN on request
-Re-Added PIN to SQL
-Fixed !goto command
-Fixed gaining mesos problem (Nothing was wrong just replaced things And
was not working so Fixed)
-Fixed after reborn level to 1

(Version | Revision 1.3)
-Edited SQL
-Edited ServerConstants?.java to 99x, 99x, 5
-Added Multi Level?
-Fixed Create Char Look (Added New Style)
-Updated Login Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.3! Beta Server |
Source. Enjoy."
-Updated Server Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.3! Beta Server |
Source. Enjoy."
-Edited Player Commands
-Updated CreateCharHandler?.java
-Fixed Multi Level bug
-Added @go command for players
-Killed unnecessary spaces between files
-Added if statment to Welcome message (if (player.getMap().getId() ==
-Took out useless methods in MapleCharacter?.java
-Cleaned NPC's
-Removed Unused NPC's
-Dumb NPC's that rely on non-existent event scripts have been removed
-Re-Edited Create Character Look (CreateCharHandler?.java)

(Version | Revision 1.4)
Not Much of an Update and/or Revision
-Fixed a few errors in generalchathandler?.java
-Updated Login Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.4! Beta Server |
-Updated Server Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.4! Beta Server |
-Cleaned & Added NPC's
-Fixed PlayerLoggedInHandler?.java (Welcome Message)
-Added @verison (Shows updates for current version of ShineMS |
-Updated MPC (MaplePacketCreator?.java) for PIN Fix

(Version | Revision 1.5)
Updated due to lack of updates in Version | Revision 1.4
-Added !pmob on Admin Commands
-Added !pnpc on Admin Commands
-Fixed MapleMapFactory?.java (Error)
-Added Function "loadLife" in MapleMapFactory?.java
-Updated MapleNPC?.java
-Added new Functions in MapleNPC?.java
-Made New SQL Folder
-Added ShineMS SQL 2 (Has the table Spawns)
-Cleand up Admin Commands
-Removed Useless Commands for Admin
-Cleand Up Source Files (More Neat)
-Fixed !pmob (Forgot Import)
-Added Pet Name Changer NPC for Beta
-Updated @verision to current version of ShineMS | ShineSource (Version |
Revision 1.5)
-Updated Login Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.5!"
-Updated Server Message to "Welcome to ShineMS v 1.5!"
-Fixed Pet Name Changer NPC Working 100% (9000019(Kinda Useless Already
have Pet Name Tag?))
-Fixed Tables Spawn and !pnpc | !pmob working 100%

(Version | Revision 1.6)
-Source Clean Up
-Added !ban Commands in GMCommand?.java (LuckySage)
-Fixed !ban Command (featured)
-Added More GM Commands (featured)
-Added getGMLevel, isGM, hasGmLevel Funtcion in MapleCharacter?.java
-Added Method joinStringFrom in StringUtil?.java
-Added @rebirtht, @rebirthm, @rebirthp, @rebirthw and @rebirthb, in
-Added New GM Commands
-Added SummonMob in Function in NPCConversationManager?.java
-Cleaned up SummonMob Function
-Added ClearDrops and killAllMonsters Function in
-Added Function killAllMonsters in MapleMap?.java
-Added Boss Spawner NPC (9110008)
-Boss Spawner Fully working!
-Added All In one SQL In SQL Folder (ShineMS SQL 3)
-Added All In One NPC (9001003)
-Fixed All In One, missed openShop Function
-Updated All In one Shop NPC and All In one Shop working 100% now!
-Edited ChangeChannelHandler?.java
-Added Message every time you CC
-Updated PlayerLoggedInHandler?.java

(Version | Revision 1.7)
-[Rice] Added another .properties file
-[Rice] Added autoregister, reference can be found in ThePack Revision
76 by Moogra
-[Rice] Made autoregister a togglable option in the properties file

(Version | Revision 1.Cool
-[Rice] Fixed that horrible sql error in the autoregister
-[Rice] Added ShineMS SQL to SQL folder (Must Execute to pass login)
-Fixed ShineMS SQL 4
-Source Clean Up
-Added FakeCharacter?.java
-Added Basic Clone System
-Added Function giveClone to NPCConversationManager?.java
-Added Basic NPC's in FM (!pnpc (If want to remove delete NPC from table
-Added PlayerNPC (Naruto (In FM)) for the Clone NPC
-Added Check when you for clones when Changing Channels
-Fixed Clone NPC
-Added Command @removeclones and Added method getAllClones in Channel
-Added Some more Functions in ChannelServer?.java
-Clones work 100% now!

(Version | Revision 1.9)
-[Rice] Added Auto Congrats for rebith System
-[Rice] Made Auto Congrats a togglable option in the properties file
-[Rice] Cleaned up Commands and add @callgm
-[Rice] Source Clean up
-[Rice] AutoRegister is not toggable anymore from the properties file
-Added PVPLibary?.java in server.maps.pvp
-Added new functions in MapleChar?.java
-Added and Fixed some methods in MapleStatEffect.java
-Added two new functions in MaplePacketCreator.java
-Added PVP for Beta
-Fixed PVP drop
-Setted PVP to be in FM 2 in ChannelServer?.java (Will make it togglable
option on props file)
-Added New SQL for PVP
-Fixed and cleand up a few SQL
-Fixed Clone NPC Glitch
-Removed SQL 5 and added PVP SQL to ShineMS SQL 4
-New ShineMS ALL SQLS IN 1 in SQL Folder

(Version | Revision 2.0)
-[Rice] AutoRegister is not toggable anymore from the properties file
-[Rice] Added more props
-[Rice] Fixed multi-channel support
-Fixed PvP Bug
-KOC Skills Work for PVP (Maybe Not all of em?)
-Organized players/donators commands
-[Deagan] MapleCharacter/clones cleaned up
-[Deagan] Name changing fixed
-[Deagan] Leafs drop from every monster (request)
-[Deagan] Patched spamming
-[Deagan] Patched DC packets
-[Deagan] Patched duping packets

Originally Posted by (In Next Revision | Version
-Custom NPCS
- PVP Toggable on world
-More NPC Custom
-Donor and Intern System
-Source Clean Up
-Any suggestions from you

Download Link: ShineSource

This source was based from Shoot |
MetroMS Revision 225.
I will constantly be updating this on your request.
Hope this is useful. Thanks, Roy, Shiƞe, Rice and Deagan

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Level 0
Level 0
Hey this is awesome, but i have 1 problem and 1 err request Very Happy

Problem: The multi leveling doesnt work

Request: Can you try to put the "Trade" redirect to fm?

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Level 0
Level 0
Even, @help not working.. Lots of stuff not working~

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Level 0
Level 0
when will Version 2.1 be realeased?
anyway, can you make a list of all the feature, and a lsit with all the commands(please be complete) thanks Razz

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