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Head Administer
Head Administer
It seems as if the only thing people like nowadays are giant trainers.
Anyway, here's a pretty cliche trainer.

is multiclient compatible.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

I haven't tested it very well, but when I did, it worked fine. Anyway,
post any errors here.

Botting Functions:
Auto Attack: attack whenever you want
Auto Loot: loot whenever you want
Auto Skill: cast a skill whenever you want
Auto HP: use a HP potion when your HP goes down
Auto MP: use a MP potion when your MP goes down
Auto CC: change channels to avoid being seen by other players

Godmode: you blink a lot so you don't get hit as often
No KB: you won't get knocked back after getting hit; good for selling
Tubi: removes most client-sided delays on looting, CCing, etc
Trash Filter: filters out a shitload of monster drops
Unlimited Attack: attack as many times as you want in one spot; good for
selling leech
PVac: moves monsters very slowly towards you

  • AoE: Wherever
    you checked the PVac box is wherever the monsters will travel

Spawn Point Control: move into a position and tick this; when you CC or
respawn, you will respawn at that position
Chat Filter: filters out spamming retards/nx whores
Packet Sender: send a packet through ms; the possibilities are unlimited
Lemmings for Jumping Mobs: jumping monsters will jump off of their
platforms; you can pvac them all at the bottom

Changelog (started on v2.0):


  1. Added
    Lemmings for jumping monsters. Yeah, it's fucking epic.
  2. Fixed
    issue with the auto skill thread.
  3. DLL unloading should be more
    stable now.
  4. The loading speed should have increased.
  5. Concatenated
    multiple functions into one and reduced the number of threads.
  6. Jammed
    all the botting shit into a struct.
  7. Removed the default values
    from the botting thing; if this confuses everyone, I'll re-add them.
  8. Updated label at the bottom right.
  9. Cleaned up + added a
    lot of comments to the code - the source will be publicly available in a
    few weeks.
  10. Changed around the color scheme a little.
  11. Opens
    GK on exit... sorry for the intrusive ad.
  12. Lowered the value of
    the walkSpeed modifier.
  13. Trash Filter now removes annoying shit
    from the anniversary event.
  14. Godmode won't crash if you fall
    from a height.
  15. Less CPU usage.


  1. Added a bunch
    of extra hacks in a separate form

  • walkSpeed + flySpeed
    Mod: makes monsters walk/fly faster
  • Mob Disarm: Monsters will
    not magic attack you
  • Lag Hack: monsters will be frozen
  • Meso
    dropper: self explanatory; good for chief bandits

  1. Moved SPControl to the new form
  2. Fixed bugs
    regarding some SAWSILs
  3. Removed the shitty middle PVac and added
    AoE PVac
  4. Fixed up the title to prevent tampering
  5. Added
    a version number
  6. More options regarding DLL unloading
  7. Removes
    the stat hook on unload

-a few people from twms whose names I can't recall
-Ant3 for some scripts
-anyone else who I forgot to mention


  1. Apparently, the botting hints aren't showing
    properly. This is what it should have looked like:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    The first, second, and fourth columns should be self explanatory. The
    third column is a bit more advanced: it will only loot if the condition
    is met. For example, if you want to loot ONLY if
    there are items available, then the corresponding textbox should say 1.
  2. DLL Unloading is still a little glitchy. Be wary of crashes if you
    decide to unload Blasé.
  3. The character buffs counter is fucked
  4. You'll need to manually fill in the values
    for the botting part. I didn't set any defaults.
In the

  1. Try to detect GMs by
    analyzing monster movement packets.
  2. Redo the UI to make the
    trainer more compact.
  3. Scripting?
  4. Add
    a function to receive packets, and allow macros like %i in packet

Download links:

  1. version 2.1: BLASE 2.1.dll
  2. version 2.0: BLASE 2.0.dll
Credits to waffle

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Level 0
says files been deleted for 2.1???

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