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Head Administer
Head Administer
Due to the fact that several awesome things are going to/have happened
(exams over, biggg party) i have decided to release a few things

Instalment number 1:

SnooMDR Beta
Snootae's Mini Dungeon Rusher

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

What this does is rush you back into a Mini Dungeon, when you reach the
map outside it.

Instructions (listen up yo):
1. Inject a crc bypass into maplestory
2. Inject SnooMDR.dll into maplestory
3. Locate the mini dungeon you wish to train in
4. In the map outside your chose mini dungeon, move to the portal and
press the set map x and y button
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
5. Once the settings are set, you may tick the Mini Dungeon Rusher
6. Enter the dungeon etc..etc..etc
7. Whenever you enter the previous map (the one you saved the settings
for) you should get back into the dungeon pretty soon

1. This may be detected as a virus, it is packed to steal thievery, but I
am well trusted
2. No I did not rip this from VIP, it works in a completely different
way, and Im not smart enough to rip things anywho
3. This is the kind of thing I would/was planning to release in VIP, but
mine ran out and i dont really have the moneys to spend on it
4. There's a chance the dll may need some runtimey things, which
unfortunately I haven't found yet, but I am trying
6. This is a beta, and its not very good, and I don't care, I am going
to make a full rusher and add it to me newest trainer, but this is for
7. No multi maple support, read this once more 'BETA'



ENJOY! Very Happy

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