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Image: (4000019 is green
snail shell)

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HSCRC + MSCRC Bypass required.

How to use:(For
each item you wish to filter)

  1. Go to mapletip.com and search for the
    item you don't want looted

  2. On the url, after the last "/", there is an id.
  3. Copy and paste that ID into
    the textbox next to the "+ x o" buttons in the image.

  4. Press "+".

Alternative way:

  1. Press the
    blue save icon.

  2. Go to your maplestory folder and find iftable.txt.
  3. Open it in notepad and add the
    items you wish to filter.(1 item per line)

  • Finally, press green
    button to activate!

  • The yellow folder will open iftable.txt
    into your list the next time you use 'fcck items'.

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:: Downloading ItemFilter_85.rar

Thanks to:
Original authors of item filter: oOoNyquiloOo,

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what does this do and how do i work it in game

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