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Here you guys go! JabbaTrainer for gMS v.87. This isnt like your normal
everyday trainer because there is no Dll. Well there is but its inside
JabbaTrainer.exe. To use this correctly, open MapleStory with this
program and once its open click on Inject Me. No injector needed Very Happy.
Whats going on here is the Dll is acting as a "Server" and the
application is acting as a "Client". The Client sends messages to the
injected dll which tells it what to do. This requires .Net Framework 4.0 to run. If you are on
Windows Vista/7 you must run as admin!

This does not require a Bypass! There is a built in Bypass!

Use This To Launch MapleStory
Use this to now launch MapleStory, Simply open it up, then click on the
Launch MS button. After that, inject your Bypass then click on Inject Me
to inject the Dll inside the App. After that a message should pop up
saying "JabbaTrainer Injected" and all the dimmed boxes will undim.

Missing Dll Error?
The two known Dll Missing errors that i know of are msvcr100.dll and
ijl15.dll, download this file
here and simply place these in your Windows\System Folder to get rid
of it. If you are missing any other errors go to this Website
and search for the Dll your missing.

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JabbaTrainer In Action w/Bypass


  • PIC Typer - Allows you to type your PIC in

Damage Control

  • Blink God Mode
  • No Knockback

Character Control

  • Super Jump (ALT) - (Ill fix when i get
    back, i was rushing)
  • No Breath - Change Channel while out of
  • Air Loot - Loot items before they hit the ground
  • Tubi


  • SMegaphone Filter - Filters out the Super
  • Jump Down Hack - Allows you to jump down anywhere not

Monster Control

  • Monster Freeze -
    Freezes all monsters on map
  • Monster Speed Up


  • Auto
  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Loot

Virus Scan
MD5...: 4b06ff79eb578463ec925b823c21ac87



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Level 0
mate i cant downlond it why it is delete?

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Level 0
I tried downloading it but it says its deleted Sad((((

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Level 0
Same thing for me. The virus scan works but the file can't be downloaded. Says it's been moved or deleted.

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