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Head Administer
Head Administer
his will require a Bypass! Inject your Bypass first then my trainer!
This requires .Net Framework 3.5
Not injecting correctly?
Follow these steps to open MapleStory the proper way.

RED = Possible A/B

Character Info
This just gives in-game info about your character.

Character Status
A real time display of your HP and MP in % value.

Self explanatory.

Damage Control

  • 7Miss Godmode - Miss hits 7 times then blink godmode for a certain amount of time
  • Full Godmode - Dont get hit at all
  • Long BGM - Long blink godmode
  • No Knockback - Dont get knocked back when hit

Character Control

  • Super Jump - Jump to the top of map when pressing your jump key
  • Jump Down Hack - Jump down where normally not allowed
  • UA - Unlimited Attack
  • UB - Unlimited Buff
  • No Breath - CC while still taking breath
  • Tubi - remove delay anooyences
  • BP Hack - Self Explanatory
  • Dem - Hits Mobs farther from you

Monster Control

  • Mob Freeze - Freeze all monsters in place
  • Mob Speed - Speed up monsters (nice to use with vacs)
  • Prev & Next Vac - pVac left and right side (Do not use at same time!)
  • No Mob KB - Mobs dont get knocked back when you hit them


  • PIC Typer - Type your PIC in
  • SMega Filter - Super Megaphone filter
  • Inf Rope - Climb unlimited amount of rope (D/C if go to far)

This is where you will be entering your settings for HP/MP Auto Pot, Keys, Packet Spam time and enable

Packet Sender
Enter packet in textbox then press send.
To use spammer, enable the checkbox in settings, set how fast you want
to spam it, it goes by milliseconds, then enter the packet you want to
send in the textbox and press send, to turn off just uncheck the
checkbox in settings

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Virus Scan
MD5...: cc0c8e13c42436af4687043e07763a88

Download Link
J Trainer v.88

Mirror Link
J Trainer v.88

Me - Making and everything else.
Waffle - Packet Sender help/source & Help with Getting Char Values.
Goomba/Nerrazurri - Dem/BP Hack.

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Level 0
Level 0
where i can download ByPass?

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Level 0
Level 0
where i can get Bypass?

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Level 0
Level 0
helllllppppp me i download it what now plizzz help me

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Looks Great ill try it out!

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Level 2
Level 2
thx works great

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Level 0
Level 0
Does mob freeze work?
nice release, btw is this vip?

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Level 1
Level 1

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