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Download Files Here: MapleStory Blink God Mode Hack ~ August 1 Update.rar

- You don't need to use ijl15.dll to inject the hack, you can use any
injector you want, ijl15.dll is just included for convenience.
- If the hack does not inject, then it is likely that your anti virus is
blocking BGM.dll. Yes, it is packed, and yes it is safe - anti viruses
see things in black or white. Add BGM.dll as a file exception if your AV
causes you trouble.

August 1:
- Fixed AOB again.

June 17:
- Fixed BGM AOB.

April 4:
- Fixed HP Value AOB

January 30:
- Tried to fix the bug mentioned below again.
- Added Player Detection.
- BGMConfig.cfg should be placed in the same folder as BGM.dll (e.g. MapleStory folder) - not C:\ anymore.

January 28:
- Fixed bug related to BGM randomly allowing damage in between blinks.
Edit: Ok so it's not entirely fixed, but it's better than it was in the
initial release.

Please note: This hack MAY AUTO BAN YOU...so use it with caution!

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