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[gMS v.88]Infinity Bot v6

What is infinity bot?
Infinity bot, an all in one bot, is a stable and secure bot that has many features to use without being auto banned and or disconnection.

What hacks and features does Infinity Bot have?

* GKMT - This is the main feature of the bot, it is a perfect vac that will vac your character to the monster and kill it.
* Full Godmode - This is a perfect godmode that will never let you get hit.
* Item Vac - This is a feature that only works with GKMT, It will vac the items after a certain set number of items to vac after.
* Auto Botting Features - These are all self explanatory.
* CS Fly - This is a fly that allows you to fly around and travel through portals very fast and easy. DO NOT ATTACK OR YOU WILL GET BANNED
* Unlimited Attack - Attack as many times as you damn well please in one spot.
* Monster Disarm - Block monsters from using magic attacks
* Any level party hack - Create a party at any level.
* Sit Anywhere - Allows you to sit down in air.
* No-Jump(Monsters) - Blocks the monster's from jumping. You cannot jump aswell.
* No Mob Knockback - When you hit the monsters, they will not get knocked back.
* Crow Eliminator - If crow is in the himes map, you can suck him away.
* PVAC - Makes the monsters move in any direction you want
* Level Tools - D/C or crash at any level you want.
* Henesys PQ - Features that make the henesys PQ easy and fast.
* Custom Tele - Teleport your character anywhere.
* BP Trainer - Hacks to use with BP hack.
* Packet Sender - Send your own packets into maplestory.

What are the keys for some of the botting features?
Auto Skill - The shift key
Auto HP - The Page Up key
Auto MP - The Page Down key

What does this bot look like?

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Where can I download this trainer?
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id doesnt work help plz ??

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trojan horse

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