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Head Administer
All Credits go to LMFAO from GzP!

- Run SimpleChams.exe
- Run A.V.A
- Ingame open up menu with Insert Key and open up your things you want.
- Have fun.

If those instructions don't work, then try this!

First open the .exe given in the .rar folder.
Second open up IJJI Reactor and log-in and go to the A.V.A screen.
Third click "Play Live" and wait.
If you see the .exe say "Injection Successful" and close then wait for your game to load up.
Every hack besides ASUS should be activated already. So press the
Insert button. Don't know where it is? Too bad because it's right next
to the Backspace button.
Join a game then there you go.

Download link here - SimpleChams.rar

Virus Scan link here - Virustotal. MD5: da2a78a8230bc500e2a66d9c170033a0 W32/Heuristic-KPP!Eldorado Trojan.Agent.ATV Win32.heur

ALL Credits to LMFAO from GamerzPlanet!
And NightViper for the Virus Scan!

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