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Head Administer
Head Administer
MUST USE A BYPASS(Full HSCRC(or however you spell it) Bypass recommended)
If the trainer closes on you,then:
A) Inject the dll 5 seconds after you press "Start Game"
or B )Dont inject a bypass
or C) Do both A and B

Features-(These are the hotkeys I use for them,so your like me now!)
HP,MP,and EXP Status Bar.
Auto Attack(CTRL)
Auto Loot(Z)
Auto CC (Must check the delay box and enter the delay.)
Auto HP (B ) (Must enter in the hp you want it to pot at)(MIGHT NOT WORK)
Auto MP (N) (same as auto hp)(MIGHT NOT WORK)
Auto Skill (PGUP)
Auto CS
Plus,I threw in some hacks to make it easier [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Remember: 1000=1 Second!! Its also in the bot o:

Virus Scans , Downloads , Screenies

VirusTotal[False Positive]
Status:100% Clean[DON'T TRUST,DON'T USE]

Make sure you press the thanks button,DON'T JUST SAY IT!!!
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

If any link brings you to the wrong place,notify me!!

Credits- goes to who made this

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Level 0
Hey i am new here and im dutch where i put the file??
and how use it?

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Level 0
who knows where i can find maple europe hacks ore ar this

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Level 0
Damn I can't even open the file because of one of my 5 virus scanners blocks it LOL it's not even on

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