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ZiGGi (short for Ziggurat) is a bot/trainer for the Monster Survival PQ at Nett's Pyramid. ZiGGi works directly inside the MapleStory game client and requires a CRC bypass. A CRC bypass is embedded inside ZiGGi and can be activated on request.

You can download ZiGGi here. (http://maplecoder.googlecode.com/files/ZiGGi.dll)

OR, you can download the ZiGGi Launcher here. (http://code.google.com/p/maplecoder/...iGGi-Setup.msi)

Updates and Fixes (v1.2.0.88)

  • 2010-07-27 - Fixed bug with Lv60 characters unable to select the Hard Mode for the PQ.
  • 2010-07-28 - Increased the attack speed for character attacks.
  • 2010-07-28 - Fixed several issues involving message box visibility and Auto Skill selection focus. Please re-download ZiGGi or the ZiGGi Launcher.
  • 2010-08-05
    - Fixed the Auto-Skill delay issues, changed the attack delay. Changed
    the HP, MP, and bar colors EXP; reduced MapleStory process size. If you
    want the benefits of these enhancements please re-download ZiGGi, or re-install the ZiGGi Launcher.

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What does it do?
ZiGGi completes the Pyramid PQ repeatedly and collects the gems received
from the NPC at the exit. There is no limit on the number of runs that
the bot can finish, and ZiGGi and can run indefinitely. In order to bot
at the Pyramid PQ you will need to patch your Mob.wz file to filter the
Pharoh Yetis. NubHax has provided several ptachers for the Pyramid PQ
in his thread here. (http://www.mediafire.com/?s68hdkwaobsbs8q)

What does it NOT do?
ZiGGi does not enter nor does it complete the bonus stage of the Pyramid
PQ, and it does not include any god mode, unlimited attack, or vac

Can I bot with MapleStory minimized/hidden?
Yes, you can. ZiGGi works regardless of the state of the game window, so
you can safely bot while the game is minimized, hidden, or other

Can I bot with multiple game clients?
Yes, you can. ZiGGi works directly inside each game process and does not
require any of the game windows to have global focus, because of this
you can bot with any number of game clients all at once.

What is the ZiGGi Launcher?
The ZiGGi Launcher is a small program that creates a new instance of
MapleStory and automatically injects it's own multi-client and a copy of
ZiGGi inside it. Use the launcher if you want to quickly start a new
MapleStory process and begin botting immediately. (Note: Make sure to
click 'Bypass' when you use ZiGGi from the launcher.)

Why is this not in the VIP section?
My previous Pyramid PQ bot has become so ubiquitous that I did not want
to disappoint my users by making this program pay-to-use. I have so many
loyal users, and I wanted you all to have something better.


  • ZiGGi displays all relevant game data so that you can keep track of your character even when the game window is minimized.
  • ZiGGi can hide/minimize the MapleStory game window, and continue to bot while the game window is minimized.
  • Users
    can save, restore, or clear their settings from *.zig files. User
    settings are automatically cached by ZiGGi and used for future sessions.
  • The
    bot automatically prevents your character from getting stuck in corners
    by detecting map conditions and character location and taking the
    appropriate actions.
  • ZiGGi includes value AND percent based auto-potting.
  • New!
    ZiGGi introduces a new system for auto skills based on game conditions.
    You can set skills to be used based on timing, character HP, character
    MP and can be triggered based on any series of test conditions set by
  • New! ZiGGi implements a new type of Auto-Move system that moves the character based on game window units instead times.
  • New! (Experimental) You can automatically change channels as the Auto-Limit action in addition to quitting the game, and entering an idle state.
  • New!
    You can have your AP (ability points) automatically distributed based
    on your settings whenever your character's level increases.

  • Hide - Hides the game window by minimizing it to the taskbar. ZiGGi can continue to bot while the game is minimized.
  • Start
    - Starts the botting process. If your character fails the PQ, it will
    not corrupt the bot; However the bot will continue to try to complete
    the PQ after exiting the pyramid.

  • Bypass - Activates the internal MapleStory CRC and HackShield CRC bypasses.
  • Import - Import your settings from a saved *.zig file.
  • Export - Export your settings to a save *.zig file.
  • Clear - Restores the default user settings and saves them to the settings cache.

  • Transparent - Makes the bot window semi-transparent (85%).
  • Top Most - Makes the bot window a top-most window and positions it on top on of all other windows.
  • Exit Game - Kills the game client process when the bot is closed.
Party Quest Settings

  • Mode
    - Controls the party quest mode to complete. If your character is at
    Level 60 or above, the bot will automatically change this setting to
    Hell mode.
  • NPC Chat - You must set the key used for NPC
    chat, and the use the slider to control the delay used for talking to
    NPCs. The default setting is 2500 milliseconds (2.5 seconds).
  • Attack
    - You must set the key used for your primary attack skill. Optionally
    you can change the attack type yo either Strike, Combo, or Charged.
    Combo attacks are either Double or Triple Swings, and charged attacks
    can be set to charge an attack for time you set.
  • AutoPot HP - You can set a key to be used to invoke an HP potion based on your character's HP percent (HP/%) or HP value (HP/#).
  • AutoPot MP - You can set a key to be used to invoke an MP potion based on your character's HP percent (MP/%) or HP value (MP/#).
  • Skill #1/#2/#3 - You can set keys for other skills to be invoked based on a time interval in milliseconds
    (Time/?), or your character's HP or MP percents or values (HP/%, HP/#,
    MP/%, MP/#). If you set the trigger to be based on a character HP or MP,
    you must also set a test condition (!=, ==, <, <=, >, >=).
  • Auto Move - If enabled, your character will move at a certain interval for a specified number of game window units.
After Quest Settings

  • Pet Snack - If enabled, you can set a key to be used to feed your pet a pet snack inbetween party quest runs.
  • Auto Chat
    - If enabled, you chracter will chat outside while outside the pyramid.
    This feature can be used to issue pet commands (separated by commas or
    semi-colons) or just to say a phrase.
  • Auto Limit - If
    enabled, will take a user-defined action based on the number of quests
    completed (Quests/#) or based on the amount of time elapsed since the
    bot began in minutes (Quests/?).
  • Auto AP - If enabled, will automatically distribute your character's AP whenever your character's level increases because of botting.

Alternative Downloads

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Screen Shots
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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints: post them in this thread. DO NOT PM, or IM me with your problems.

~The Nullz

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The Mob.Wz download isn't working . Can I get another download ?

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