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Head Administer
First public release.

Currently developing for v75 but currently only supports v62 on account
of not having the v75 client or the v75 packets or any other
information after reformatting my computer.

Uses 4.0 .Net Beta Framework

Uses Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express

Uses Microsoft Windows API Code Pack

Uses an automatic program restarter that works even if in debug mode.
- Can't restart the program if in debug mode.

I used Windows 7 RC Build 7100 for this. ( No Service Pack )

This information is incomplete because of this project being in early Beta phases.

Developed mainly for Windows 7

Utilizes a lot of Windows 7 features.

Currently in Beta and experimental. I'm simply releasing this version
to try to draw attention to the server to see how people think of it,
and if anyone can come up with ideas, notice any problems, or just see
any problems that could arise from my coding structure.

I'm going to be focusing on compatibility.

Version 2.1.x.x Download:
MySharpStory 4.0.Net.rar

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