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I (Fred, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]) found all of the exploits by myself except for the dupe exploit and position exploit, which I got told. That does not mean I am the original finder (nobody is), some of these exploits are also known by other players.

These should work for any R.O.S.E. Online client, including the official clients (this said as of August 14, 2008).

Certain exploits (where mentioned) can be made easy for the user by using macros. I got a G15 keyboard (blue backlight edition) which if run as administrator in Windows Vista will work in naROSE (assumable other clients as well).

Exploit #1 - Dupe Exploit

This exploit is pretty simple. Whenever the server goes down (crash, maintenance) you get rolled back. A minute or so before maintenance (requires good timing) give a friend for example 1 million zuly. He should log out, you should wait for the disconnect. Afterwards, you being rolled back, you'll still have that 1 million zuly if well timed, and so will your friend. This works for anything alike, including gifting item mall items.

Exploit #2 - Position Exploit

Again, very simple, when you for example move against a house and click behind it, on your own screen nothing will happen, but on somebody else's screen you will appear warping through it and going back to your original position.

Get somebody on your backseat, do it, and make that person get off your backseat when you appear to go through. This also works well when trying to get on upper level areas. Another great example is trying to get in the fountain behind Mayor Darren in Junon Polis.

Exploit #3 - Player Bounce Back Exploit

Whenever you bump in to an obstacle with your cart, players in the near surrounding will bounce back and stop moving each time you move in to that obstacle. It doesn't work for all obstacles, but it does for most.

A great example, the south bridge near Mayor Darren, place yourself next to it and try to get in the water while the wall prevents you from getting there, keep clicking (or create a macro that keeps clicking the left mouse button) and you will see players bouncing back, preventing them from moving (and some shops in the surrounding might even start spinning). This exploit also works for map barriers (try to get on the mountain at the Valley of Luxem Tower gate in Zant (at the side with the tree), and you will see people bounce back.

If the clicking macro is performed very rapidly, it even will disconnect other players (if you do it too fast, you might get disconnected yourself).

Exploit #4 - Disconnect/Crash Players

This is best (most likely only) done by flooding people with certain requests. The examples I tested this on was either the party invite skill, or the ride request skill (requires cart and backseat).

Place any of these skills on a hotkey and macro that skill to be rapidly performed (if using the G15 keyboard it's best to create a macro without delay, and put the G key on "perform while pressed" mode).

If you are for example on a cart, and you are capable of inviting somebody (as in that person isn't vending or doing something else preventing him from receiving the request) then press the macro key you configured for 2 to 3 seconds (until he disappears, but when doing it too long you might disconnect yourself), and that person will disconnect.

For the party example, he must be able to receive the invite (as in be 7 levels lower or higher).

Exploit #5 - Map Lag Exploit

This exploit is somewhat difficult to perform. It involves making a macro that floods movement (left mouse click). I made a macro (without any delays) and configured the G button to "perform while pressed".

Then if you press the macro for 2 to 3 seconds it will flood the server with your movement, making everyone on the map lag heavily for 20 to 30 seconds after you have performed this, and many people will also disconnect.

Watch out though, if you press the macro key for too long you might disconnect yourself, so it requires timing and no excessive usage at one go.

Exploit #6 - Zuly Towers (Disconnect Effect)

With the help of a macro you can automate the zuly dropping process. There is not much explaining to it but to figure it out for yourself with the macro software you're using.

When you drop a lot of zuly and build high towers, anyone respawning in the area you're doing this (the viewing area) will disconnect instantly.

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