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Advance Boat Timer

So this is an Advance Boat Timer which goes into the boat for you. No more just get a msg pop up that says the boat is here. This one will actually take you into the boat for you. For this to work properly you need to set your character next to the NPC and then start the application. This runs off of your Computer Clock so make sure your clock is set to the correct time. Once it has reached the correct time for the boat you selected it will automatically bring set focus to the MapleStory window and put you inside the boat. This program requires .Net Framework 3.5. If you are on Windows Vista/7 you must run as admin!

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MD5...: 6d8e124a75e49442d68e9d7b4ae6b8e9

Download Link:

Advance Boat Timer

Mirror Link:

Advance Boat Timer


Koopa for the idea
Me for making it

Koopa would of helped make it but he was too busy

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