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K guys alot of people have been begging for these hacks THERE is no THING as these hacks.

Meso Hack is imposible There IS NO (Meso.wz/Meso.) File SO its nearly impossible to edit the file

Level Hack same Goes with Meso hack (Dont TRUST (''PowerLevel'' Hacking) Not possible (Unless someones training your acc)

And ya GM hack hahaha people actually think they can become a GM (WELL THEN YOUR WRONG) you Gotta apply for a job In nexon to get one.

There is no such thing as in item duplicate..And please guys Dont trust those Email ''Imposters''

Example: ''CODE 545654757''

Recipent: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] <--- Imposter

Code: ''User name (Code:777)
Pass (code:900)
Pin (COde 850)

(DONT actually TRY THIS)

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