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Download: Ijji Acc Creator - Don Diablo ~ Uploaded By Brandon.rar


Originally Posted by Don Diablo

Hi all i've made a Ijji Account Creator
Its simple and fast to make a acc
Very important:
First read the Info in the Creator

When you have clicked on the "Create Account" button...
you type the Verification code in, when that is done you click on the
"Submit" button. Than scroll up and click on the "check" buttons.
scroll down and click again on the "Submit" button.

For the email scroll down and wait when the registretion code come.
If there any problems post a pm to me and maybe i can fix it

I do not take credit for this. It was made by Don Diablo, not me.

Credits: Don Diablo

Virus Scan (0/41):
Virustotal. MD5: 58c74c2f6c23d234ca0d2def744a50d9

Looks clean, but use at your own risk as always.




Originally Posted by Don Diablo

Hi Guys its me again Don Diablo

If you got an Error about Adobe Flash Player
Download link for Install Flash Player:
Adobe - Adobe Flash Player

When you got downloaded it, Read:

  • Read Me.txt
I have Fix some big problems

My Updates

  • Tab Control
  • User ID
  • ProgressBar
  • Tab - Home
  • Tab - Email
  • Tab - Settings
  • Tab - Mpgh.net
  • Tab - Credits
  • Adress Balk for other Email
  • Form mode Office2007
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 902x543.

Virus Scan: Via VirusTotal (0/41)
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan - Result

It looks clean, but as always use it at your OWN risk!

Don Diablo

[MPGH] IJJI Account Creator - Don Diablo V2.5 ~Reuploaded by Brandon.rar

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