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Notice(Not a generator):
This is informal to all of you guys.

Ok guys just to let you guys know there are no such thing as generators. Never will be. It is illegal (its robbing) and all it does is atempt to steal your password. Dont fall for this. Virus scan may say its "safe", but that just means it doesnt have a virus. It can steal your password and you dont want that. Also for all you Kids who think generators are possible, just to let you know game card codes only work AFTER you purchase one at a register so dont get any ideas that someone wont use there nexon card.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys dont get keylogged for being a Newb =).
Edit(forgot to say this): Even if they made a code generator they wouldnt need account info...

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I think the hack is called Information Stealer or something.


For example if you download the generator , then you go to paypal . com then put in your CREDIT CARD info to buy excell's awesome VIP after you have put your CREDIT CARD info in paypal you will probably see how much you put in paypal .. 50.00 USD or whatever then you will see 50.00 USD down to 30.00 USD down , down .. Repeating ** the generator (virus) stole your CREDIT CARD info .. your CREDIT CARD number, name , address, and that will do you harm if you go and put more money then you will get back and you'll probably think of it as a bug or something but its actually stealing your money and you cant get it back. On websites like paypal read rules and it says something like .. we're not responsible if you lose your money..etc so no way you can get your money Sad * 1 thing.. DONT DOWNLOAD GENERATORS*

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