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to: Timmo's cheats release

I just went over from Warrock to flyff and didn't see anything usefull or working correctly on my computer. So i decided to look in the (old) topics and i found a few good codes in order to make myself a good trainer too. Since i am quite good off with warrock hacks, i thought, why not just creating other hacks now? So did i, and here's my release.

First off. The VT check might say it contains a packed or suspicious file. I've crypted it with Yodap protector in order to make it's content inaccesable. If you don't believe it you ofcourse can try it out yourself!
-Create an empty text document
-Press "Save as..."
-save with the name "test.exe"
-Open yodap's protector and crypt the test.exe
-upload the test.exe to VT and check your link

How to work with the program?
-Open Flyff
-Open the cheattool
-First press OK - To accept terms of agreement about beta release and so forth
-Select one of your wanted features
-Get back into flyff, and play.

SO! What's inside?:
-A bot:
Picking up money only and rare weapons, aswell as food/drinks, since my bot doesn't have invincibility mode, but it does have auto eating enabled after having a mob killed and being left behind with 40% HP (Crap and worthless items will be left on the ground)
-Speed hack:
Don't use it in combination with the bot, or else your client crashes. The speed can go up to 5x, both land and air, so your speed in the air will become a maximum of let's say 1180 km/h, that's my maximum with the best normal buyable board.
Spam 10 rows per 3 seconds, must be defined in the file which will be created after using the trainer for the first time. It will look as the following:
/* Macro | Spammer | Just for Noobs! *\Alt_1 = Alt_2 = Alt_3 = Alt_4 = Alt_5 = Alt_6 = Alt_7 = Alt_8 = Alt_9 = Alt_0 =
!! Keep a space between the text and the "=" or the first word won't be applied. !!

That's everything i can do for now, since no one is sharing much of his sources, means i'm blanc at the moment. If someone knows a hackpart that he wants included and he has the hack of his choice somewhere, then please PM me, do so!!

Works 100% For every OS from WINDOWS
(Not MAC, Linux / Android etc)

Download & Viruscheck
Download Filefront
Download MultiUpload

For errors or bugs, please comment here. No other comments !! Thanks' would be appreciated though.

Good luck!

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