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I will keep this Topic update!

RuffProtect/AruaGuard bypass:
RuffItDown (RuffProtect + AruaGuard):

Here is a bypass for RuffProtect (works with AruaGuard too).
What to do? Expact all files to your rose folder and run RoseOnline.bat (sorry i had no time for a launcher). It will start RuffRose! (For other servers, edit the RoseOnline.bat with editor).
Works on: all iRose server exept AruaRose.


KillRuff + Bypass
I'll post one of injector that works + bypass.

For Clan hack

1) Add iddqd-raw to your friends list
2) PackServer will be added.

Stuff to send to PackServer:
jclan name - Joins name's clans (name has to be dep/master)

Public Hacks

/ztower - Click the ground or hold up key to drop 1z
/null - Quit /ztower and start walk again
/tele id - Teleport to gate with that id (hex)
- Ex /tele 7F for eldon
- Ex /tele 26 for junon
(For tele id, u need new search simply check in packet log in Ruff Rose Control Center. Go to any portal u like or use scrool to get the new id)

/respawn - Spawn at closest respawn
/pk - Toggle full PK on / off <--- dc
/jparty id - Join party with that id (hex)
Find the ID of the person you want to join/invite
a. 1 way to get their ID is to make them say something in regular chat
b. then look at the packet log
c. It might look like this (this is an example) '3adc>LoL'
d. Their ID is no 3adc
e. The ID is 'dc 3a' (ex.7d1 02 dc 3a 00 00)

/killall - Crash all players within chat range <--- dc
/chatoff - Disable chat (wont crash from /killall)
/chaton - Enable chat

have fun.


RoseTools V1.4

First of All Rosetools is not a hacking tool it’s just a way to make your life easier.
What has RoseTools to Offer:

Auto Login – its finally done, and you can now enjoy of relaxing behind your computer and let a program do all the login
work for you, it’s still in BETA state I did a lot of testing on my own but there are still some minor bugs, the tool work
fine on most common resolutions I tested it all on window mode, but if you are using full screen mode on your rose be
sure if you want to use auto login that Rose Online resolution is the same as your computer resolution or ells the program
won’t work.
Note* laptop resolution isn’t added yet so sorry for the people using laptop

RoseBuff – this handy for the cleric’s here I know that after you reach a lvl you will have a lot of buffs and if you need to
buff much ppl you will get sick of it, well with this tool you just need to select ONCE where your buffs are located and
the program will buff for you

Super Gather –This tool will press your gather button every 0.050 of a second. very handy if you want to pick up a item that is owned by someone else

Rose Shoppa – When you set your shop you can open this program and it will spam a shout and a normal msg
(shout only is available to) you also will be able to choose a interval time of your spam the minimum
is 21 sec because of the anti-spam system in rose.

No-Sound – I’m a person that loves to listen music on my computer and I usually set my music very hard. I know that you can
turn off your sound in rose but it’s very annoying because if you use dual client the sound pops back sometimes or if you turn
your volume very hard you can hear the rose background sound and that’s why I created no-sound

ZoomHack - Have you had enough of tryin to zoom out more but you can’t. and maybe you tried to look it up on the internet and did find only spyware/virus/Trojan program that pretended to be zoomhack. Well I can asure you then this is the one you need. No spyware/virus/Trojan just the zoomhack.

Wallhack - After patching this tool you will be able to walk trough walls and rocks en more. It’s very handy but if people caught you using this and make a screenshot of you in the walls. Get ready for a ban so I can only guarantee you it’s very handy (I use it to).

Zulie Tower - This a very Handy tool if you want to drop very fast money and make a tower of the little gold coffins.

PBP Bot - This the only rose auto leveling bot I know of, it isn’t created by me but much people has requested it so I added it in the package I can’t help you with this tool and I am not able to modify this Program Just Read the readme what is included so you can understand it.

Credit goes to:jcdelarosa50

Heres the Link:http://hotfile.com/dl/40851570/9d9e5...inBot.zip.html
Hotfile.com: 1-CLICK Dateihoster

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