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Vu Trainer has been updated to gMS v90.6.0.
This version was mainly focused on revamping the GUI to make it appear more compact and well categorized. Unfortunately I did not have time to add in many of the hacks that were requested but I intend to do so in my next release. If you have any problems with this version, please report it to me either by posting or sending me a pm. New details about this version are mentioned in the changelog. Please continue to suggest anything you would like for me to add.

v90.6.0 Changelog: READ
Spoiler :

- Current game connection status
- CRC Bypass status
- Buttons categories
- EXP bar

- Timed CC can now be used without enabling Auto CC.

- Minimap coordinates can now be read when closed.
- Game status information flickers

- Every hacks are stored in its own category
- Changed font
- Changed default theme
- Modified game status information
- Modified HP/MP bars

- Remember to hold down the mouse for at least a second to move the mobs to a different location with Click Fly MMC.
- The INSERT key may not function properly if binded customly in "Edit Keys".
- You must re-enable any hacks that you had edited in advanced settings for changes to take affect.
- Blink Godmode will not be disabled until you change channels or move into another map.

These hacks are known to D/C:

  • Platform Teleport
  • Item Teleport
  • Packet-based Tele To FM
  • Fangor Vac
  • Lemmings Vac
  • Death UA (Unconfirmed)
  • Click Teleport
If you are getting disconnected, please post which hacks you were using. This could help me get an idea of what I need to look at in my codes to see what the issue is.

Screen shot of Platform Teleport v2.1 (PT) and Packet Sender:
Spoiler :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Platform Teleport is located under 'View' in the menu bar.

Packet Sender is located under 'View' in the menu bar.

Credits to unrealgame for the public packet list.

Screen shot of trainer:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Theme Settings:
(BG: 0,0,0) (Text: 255,255,255) (Title: 255,0,0) (Opacity: 83)

- Download an injector. You can get one here.
- Create a shortcut of GameLauncher.exe to your Desktop located in your Nexon folder in C: \Nexon\MapleStory
- Run GameLauncher.exe and press Start Game
- At the GameLauncher screen, run your injector (Win Vista/7 users must run as administrator by right-click your injector)
- Inject Vu gMS v90.6.0 to MapleStory.exe (Some injectors detect MapleStory.exe automatically)
- The trainer should now appear. You can now close your injector and start the game. (If it does not appear, read the Common Problems section below)

For details on a specific hack, go to 'Help' -> 'Hacks Info' located in the menu bar.

Common Problems:
Trainer not showing up
- Make a copy of the trainer and inject both copy and original
- Inject a dummy trainer that shows up for you then inject Vu Trainer
- Wait until GameGuard splash screen to inject.
- Redownload the trainer and reinject.
- Use a different injector.

Missing msvcr100.dll or msvcr100d.dll
- Download msvcr100.dll here.
- Download msvcr100d.dll here.

After you have downloaded it, put the file in C: \Windows\System32.
(64bit users must also put the same dll file into C: \Windows\SysWOW64.)

*Do not inject these .dll files to MS or you will crash!*

Other problems:
- Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 here.
- Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

  • (x86) 32-bit operating systems.
  • (x64) 64-bit operating systems.

To see which operating system you are running on go to Start -> Control Panel -> System.

Previous v90 of Vu Trainer are available here.

Credits to the following people:
Cam1596, Dark_Byte, nerrazzuri, rod143, Waffle, Riukuzaki, XTCHouseMafia, Ghoul, and unrealgame

Vu gMS v90.6.0 (Mirror 1) - Mediafire
Vu gMS v90.6.0 (Mirror 2) - Megaupload

Virus Scan: Vu gMS v90.6.0 Jotti's Malware Scan

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