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Nett's Pyramid WZ edit by Akif
for v90.

What this edit does:

All monsters vac to middle : What this does is make all the monsters vac to the Yeti's. The Yeti's are frozen, So, all the monsters will always be in the middle. However, since the Yeti's do not come until the 2nd stage, the vac won't happen in the first stage.

Godmode : No monsters can hit you.

Yeti Filter : You cannot hit the Yeti's and they don't hit you.

Bonus Level Yeti Freeze : In the bonus stage, all the Yeti's will be frozen.

Bonus Level Yeti Godmode : In the bonus stage, all the Yeti's will not hit you.

Yeti in the Ground : The PQ Yeti will be in the ground. Pretty pointless, but funny xD

New! Custom Yeti's : The Yeti's in the PQ and in the bonus stage can be modified. (You can keep the original if you want.) See the category for custom Yeti's below if you want some custom Yeti's.

Note: Obviously, You will still get the regular features of this WZ edit if you choose the patchers with modified Yeti's, so no worries.


Custom Yeti's (Bonus Stage and PQ Yeti's)
Spoiler :
Trollface and others coming soon


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I will be posting a new version of this edit for every new version of MapleStory (hopefully)

I have tested this edit for over a day (botting) and no ban.
I have also tested the bonus stage 10 times with gems and no ban.

If you want to bot with this, the recommended bot to use with this edit is the Smart PyPQ Bot or the ZiGGi Bot!

Spoiler :
[size=9]To use put Combat Step on a hotkey, then press Combat Step and press jump immediately after you press Combat Step, and you will have a flash jump!


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