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I just finished updating most of the hacks. Hacks that are grayed out do not yet work. I'll try to get these up and running soon.

Any hack that is not grayed out should work properly. Please let me know if anything is broken, as I've only tested most of the stuff.


  • Helpful tooltips. Mouse over a hack, and it'll tell you what it does.
  • Tubi
  • Auto CC (random channels)
  • Auto Keys (you can set these up to automatically press keys for you. It has an auto-save feature)
  • Auto Pots (you can choose either percent-based or value-based. Keys are fully customizable)
  • Move Immovable Skills
  • NPC Shop Exploit (stack up to about 32k)
  • Spawn Point Control
  • RiuRusher
  • Auto MSHSCRC bypass (checks for other bypasses as well)
  • Way too much other good stuff

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  • You may talk freely about my trainer on other sites, but do NOT re-post a download link to my trainer on any other site. If you wish to post a link, then you may post a link to this thread. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Cam1596: Cam1596 created and publicly hosted the original Auto Assemble scripts that almost all hacks in this trainer originate from. This trainer would not have been possible without these scripts.

rod143: rod143 released his source code for one of his trainers, which helped me a little bit in developing my "Auto Keys" and my basic packet sender.

Bizarro: Bizarro has given me permission to use his Filter.txt, so there should be full compatibility between my trainer's item filter and BT's item filter.

Twizz: Twizz gave me the idea and motivation of adding XX, xx, and ** to my trainer's packet sender.

Kitterz: Kitterz offered me some help with getting embedded resource extraction working properly (so that Filter.txt won't need to be placed inside of the MapleStory directory). He has also helped with getting Filter.txt to work when placed inside of the folder with riuTrainer.dll. Because of him, you no longer need to move Filter.txt to your MapleStory directory. He also told me how to properly gather data for my map rusher. Thank you again, Kitterz. You saved me an incredible amount of time.

Daddy Long Legs (a.k.a. Zam): Zam made the hide damage hack, so thanks to him for that.

riuTrainer v90-2-1a.zip
Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!

All Versions (from 89-4):
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Virus Scans:
riuTrainer v90-2-1a.zip - Jotti's malware scan

Version 89.2:

  • Fixed toggling BP hack off. I had forgotten to modify the jump that was replaced. Let me know if turning BP off is still messed up. I'll look at it again.
  • Updated and enabled most of the hacks now.

Version 89.3:

  • Added a small feature request. You can now use the up arrow key with Auto Keys. It won't climb ropes or anything, but it can be used for entering portals. Thanks for the feature request, gerf!
  • Removed some debugging dump file outputs that were never intended to be released (if you'd like to know, it was to do with extracting the item filter from being an embedded resource).
  • Temporarily removed the Filter.txt embedded resource from the DLL until I get the item filter up and running the way I want it. This should have a noticeable impact on the file size.

Version 89.4:

  • Added an item and meso filter (thanks go again to Cam1596 for the AA script). You will need to put Filter.txt inside the same folder that your DLL is. The filter has a blacklist and a whitelist. To filter an item, uncomment it (remove the Wink in front of the item ID of that item. You will then need to save Filter.txt and click on "Refresh List" to refresh the item list. You will also need to have the "Item Filter" toggle enabled under the main trainer window.
  • Modified the tooltips a little bit to warn about possible bans with "Block Damage" as well as warning about disconnects with "Levitate."
  • Re-enabled several more hacks. Thanks for updating your public scripts, Cam1596. It really saved me a lot of time.
  • Changed the way I name zip archives. They now contain the MapleStory version that they were designed for as well as the revision number for that release.
Version 89.5:

  • Added UA. I've tested it and it seems to be working fine, but please let me know if you encounter any problems.
Version 89.6

  • It is no longer necessary to move Filter.txt to your maplestory.exe directory. Thanks to Kitterz, you may now leave Filter.txt in the same folder as riuTrainer.dll. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.
  • Added Auto CC. It's just the basics for now, but it's better than nothing. Note that you'll be unable to disable Anti Breath while Auto CC is active, as it is required for Auto CC to work properly.
  • Added an A/B tab which contains hacks known to auto-ban with the exception of BP hack (which won't ban if used correctly -- don't stand in mobs).
  • Modified the Moon Bunny Godmode hack. It should now work better (thanks again go to Cam1596 for this).
Version 89.7

  • Added PVac. I believe it has a low chance of auto-banning, but nonetheless it is in the A/B section. Please let me know if you think this should be moved out of the A/B section.
  • Added Fix MiniMap XY (again from Cam1596's public scripts). This means that PVac doesn't require the mini-map to be open. You will not find this hack on my trainer, as it is "behind the scenes." Let me know if you would like an option to disable this hack.
  • Updated some more tooltips to hopefully make them more clear.
  • Made the trainer a little bit smaller in size by putting the check boxes closer together.
  • Moved full godmode to the A/B section. Thanks to all who reported this as a potential A/B.
  • Changed the default auto keys to hopefully be more intuitive to newcomers.
Version 89.8

  • Added Filtered Faded (original script by Cam1596). This hack will lift all enemies up and off the screen. They'll die, but you won't get any experience or loot. This hack should never ban.
  • Changed the way Fix MiniMap XY is enabled. It now only turns on when PVac is enabled, and it turns off when PVac is disabled. This should prevent the game from crashing when entering maps without a mini-map (assuming PVac is off, of course). This should also resolve any issues with crashing when logging into the game. If you're still crashing, then it's not because of my trainer. You'll need a CRC bypass (obviously).
Version 89.9

  • Changed the GUI and made things more compact.
  • Shortened and reduced the size of some hack names.
  • Added Cam1596's Basic Text Filter. You can find it under the "Extra" hacks section.
  • Began preparations of a simple packet sender. As of now there is no estimate when this will be finished.
  • Moved some hacks to the "Extra" hacks section to further reduce size of the trainer.
  • Re-added the "Enable Stat Hook" check box so that it is now possible to un-hook and re-hook the stat hook. Note: It is still not very friendly with other trainers. I haven't gotten around to that yet.
  • Moved the experience bar down so that the numerical representation should no longer clip off of the trainer for very high values.
  • Moved the spin control in the auto pots up a bit to further reduce trainer size.
  • Moved 7-miss godmode to the A/B tab because it bans if your evasion is high and mobs "miss" you frequently.
  • Changed some tooltips to be more clear.
  • When clicking on a button that opens a dialog (e.g. Assign Auto Keys), it will now hide itself if it is already open.
  • Added minimal ability for the trainer to be re-sized. When re-sizing, the HP, MP, and Exp bars will grow or shrink in length accordingly.
  • Updated Filter.txt.
Version 89.10

  • Added "Revive." When enabled, it will revive you in place when you click on the "OK" button after dying.
  • Added "Disable Quest Light." When enabled, it will disable the quest light bulb above your head. Thanks to Cam1596 for letting me use this.
  • Fixed "Instant Drop 2." Why didn't anyone tell me it was broken? Sad
Version 89.11

  • Added spawn point control. Spawn point control has an auto-save and auto-load feature. To save, simply close the spawn point control dialog window. I'll be adding in more auto-save times later on to make this even easier. To use spawn point control, simply make sure that your mini-map is open and save your location with the button in the Spawn Point Control dialog. You can also specify a map name to help you remember which map you're saving. If you want to overwrite a map's coordinates, simply re-save at the new location you want. The program will automatically replace your old coordinates with your new coordinates. As of now, Spawn Point Control saves its data to riuTrainerSCList.ini. The reason for using a separate .ini file is for backwards compatibility. It just works out better than having one file. This might be changed later on if I deem it necessary.
  • Changed the naming convention for the DLL. It will now reflect which version it is.
  • Added "Hide Damage." It will hide the player's damage (client-sided), so for you people that really think it helps, feel free to use it. I checked, and it doesn't help reduce lag by any significant amount. Credit to whoever first found it. If you made this or you know who made this, please let me know so that I can attribute the proper credits.
  • Changed Anti Breath to now remove the breath for the MTS as well.
  • Made a few changes to the way I release public versions to help reduce the amount of time needed.
  • Due to the above poll, I have decided that a progress bar to show my trainer's loading was unnecessary at this point. Nonetheless, I have decided to now show the trainer almost instantly upon injection. It will appear like normal, but you will be unable to notice any changes made to it until it finishes loading. Maybe now people will stop panicking when it takes a few seconds to appear.
  • I changed a few other things, but I forgot what. Please let me know if I accidentally broke anything.
Version 89.12

  • Added a very basic packet sender. Use XX for random capital ASCII letters, xx for lowercase ASCII letters, and ** for random values (like a time stamp).
  • Added random CC (already enabled. I didn't add a check box for it).
  • Added timed CC.
  • Added Tele to Perion.
  • Added MWLB Effect
  • Added Dimensional Portal packets
  • Added Neo City packets
  • Added death (DEAD D00D) packet
  • Added 1/1 packet that says you take over 2 billion damage
  • Added normal 1/1 packet
  • Added Auto Crystals. With this you can automatically turn ETC drops into monster crystals. Just put the item ID of the ETC drop you want turned into a monster crystal, and voila! Normal restrictions apply. You must have the Maker skill, and the item must be able to be turned into a monster crystal. Note that this is more of a "preview" version than anything. I'll be making this so much better later on.
  • Added meso dropper. You can now specify any number of mesos from 10-50000 to drop.
  • Added basic protection against novices trying to enable hacks that they shouldn't. UA can no longer be enabled with UB. You can not enable another godmode when BP hack is on. MWLB Effect can not be enabled while GM Effect is enabled.
  • Removed Fall Through Floor hack.
  • Fixed whitelist item filter display bug. Mesos should no longer appear as the 10 meso image.
  • Moved auto pots to the new "Pot" tab.
  • Further reduced the visual size of the trainer.
Version 89.13

  • Made stat hook friendly towards other trainers. Inject my trainer last if the other trainers don't have a stat hook that is aware of other trainers' stat hooks. Let me know if any problems arise.
  • Fixed the "Enable Stat Hook" checkbox. It should now enable and disable the stat hook accordingly (before it did nothing).
  • Changed Auto Keys drastically. Auto keys are now grouped into two categories: keys with cooldowns, and keys without cooldowns.

    • Non-cooldown keys will be pressed regardless of the amount of time that passes between other key presses. Use this for things like auto-up, auto potions, and feeding your pet.
    • Cooldown-keys will only be pressed when at least one second has passed between any other cooldown key press. Cooldown keys are sorted by priority, with those at the top having priority over those lower than that key. For example, auto key #5 has priority over auto key #10. Because of this, auto attack should only go on key #10.
    • The minimum delay for auto keys 5-9 is now 2100 milliseconds. This is to prevent "special" people from preventing low-priority keys like auto attack from being used.
  • Changed the randomness of auto CC. It should now be more "random."
  • Removed BP dEM and BP no delay from BP hack as they are no longer working as intended. BP blue star and BP godmode are now the only parts of BP hack that will be enabled when BP hack is toggled on.
  • Moved BP hack to the Godmodes section as that is now its main use. Please let me know if it auto-bans over time. If it does, I'll move it to the A/B section.
  • Changed the layout of the auto pot tab. It is now more space efficient, and it now has enough free room for a future update that I plan to add.
  • Changed "Block HP/MP Regen" to "Block HP/MP Reg." Because of this, the whole trainer should now be a bit more narrow.
  • Changed the trainer's title to "Riu's Trainer - W8baby.com." This new title should no longer require the trainer's main window to be expanded to see the full text.
  • Moved Perion Tele to the first tab.
Version 89.13a

  • Moved filtered faded to the A/B tab.
Version 89.14

  • Added RiuRusher. This map rusher is not yet fully finished, as I still need to write a data parser capable of handling certain portals. That being said, I hope you enjoy this small map rusher. There's a lot missing, and there are still some maps that are entirely inaccessible that need to be pruned. I haven't done this yet, as I would imagine you (the public) would want this out as soon as possible. Expect several updates to RiuRusher over the next few releases. I might wait until Big Bang happens before really working hard on this. Also, the pathfinding algorithm in RiuRusher is very basic. I'll be making it better as time goes on.
  • Moved Filtered Faded out of the A/B section and updated the tooltip to hopefully provide a more accurate description of what the hack will do. The hack itself has not been modified in this update.
  • Moved BP hack to the A/B section.
  • Changed the way Auto Keys finds the HWND. Hopefully this will be more compatible with multiple maples. Don't enable Auto Keys until you're in-game.
Version 90.1

  • Updated most hacks to work with v90.
  • Grayed out the hacks that I haven't finished updating yet. These should be up soon.
  • Added an auto MSHSCRC bypass. It will not attempt to bypass MapleStory if a bypass is already in place.
  • Made some minor changes in preparation of a large RiuRusher update.
Version 90.1a

  • Re-enabled filtered faded.
  • Fixed UA.
Version 90.1b

  • Re-enabled auto CC.
  • Re-enabled NPC shop exploit.
  • Changed NPC shop exploit to now allow up to 7FFF items instead of 7f00 items (in hexadecimal).
  • Changed the time that the MSHSCRC bypass is activated. If you're still having problems with it, please try using a working CRC bypass before injecting my trainer. If that doesn't fix it, please tell me if you're using any other hacks with my trainer and whether or not you're using a MapleStory environment like KAT.
Version 90.1.1

  • Changed MSHSCRC bypass yet again.
  • Updated most hacks again. Anything not grayed out should work.
Version 90.1.2

  • Semi-minor update. I'm sorry I couldn't get more done this week.
  • Added a few hundred scripted portals to the map rusher.
  • Re-enabled several hacks.
  • Changed the color of known hacks that auto-ban to dark red.
  • Changed the colors of some status text.
  • Added a "Stats" tab to view several things about the map that you're on. Thanks to this, I was able to easily see why RiuRusher "stops working" after a while. It's because the pointer I'm using points to a *similar* portal tick counter. The one I'm using doesn't reset when changing channels or entering certain maps, though. Entering the cash shop will resolve this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Removed the maximize button from all dialogs.
  • Changed the way certain dialogs scale when re-sized.
  • Added a map delay on RiuRusher. This can be used to slow down the speed of going through maps. I don't know why anyone would need this, but it's there if you want to use it.
  • Added a "Status" display to RiuRusher. When rushing, it will now display a simple status report (Invalid Map, Traveling, etc.).
  • Changed the pathfinding algorithm of RiuRusher. It is now uses Dijkstra's algorithm, and it should always find the shortest path.
Version 90.1.2a:

  • Changed the timing of the CRC bypass again. It will now fire off before the trainer even pops up. This should resolve an issue with NeXT 2.
Version 90.2.1:

  • Updated most of the hacks. I haven't had time to test a few of them yet. Disable Quest Light isn't working at the moment (address is off by about 5 bytes, but it won't disconnect or crash you).
  • Capitalization is no longer required for the map rusher.
Version 90.2.1a:

  • Kind of a "rushed" version update. This one uses a "brute force" method for map rushing. You shouldn't have as many problems anymore.
  • Fixed the Disable Quest Lightbulb hack.

Note: To refresh things like auto keys, you will have to toggle them off and then back on.

Note: If you are having issues injecting my trainer, then try a different injector and/or injecting another DLL before you inject my trainer. Gerf just mentioned that getting .NET framework 3.5 might also fix this issue.

Note: If RiuRusher "stops working," you can enter the cash shop and leave to get it working again.

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