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What is Packet Editing?

Maple Story Packet Editing is a way to take packets and edit them into the game xD Well say you want to Duplicated one item with alot of currency to make ALOT more. This is what i'm here for. Also You can PE other class spells into your character.

How To Packet Edit

1. Download The Packet Editing Injector And Codes from ReMiiX PE Hack.rar

2. Extract it to your Desktop Using WinZIP Or WinRAR. Download WinRAR at WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

3.Go into your Nexon folder and then look at the Client you want to use. For Example Foreverms Client Name would be like ForeverMSc.exe, Right click and Press Rename. We Are going to Rename it to Maplestory.exe.

4. Ok, Now that You have the Client setup and Renamed, Goto the ReMiiX PE Hack folder. Inside their you should see 5 Folders/programs/config files etc. Their is going to One Named Injecter.exe, Injecter.ini, ReMiiX PE.txt, Some More PE.txt, And Finnaly TimbusPE.dll.

5. Ok Now Open Injector.exe and a Command Prompt Should open that says Waiting for : Maplestory.exe, Now Open Your Maplestory.exe and The Box should now say TimbusPE.dll has been Injected... Exiting. Or Along those lines. Then Two Boxes should pop up. One should said TiMBuS PE and the other Will say TiMBuS PE REC.

6. you have Successfully Injected your Packet Editing client into the game!

Now their is a Few Things you can do now, You can either Packet edit to Duplicate Items, Or Duplicate Messos or you can Even Packet Edit to Get new spells that you were not able to use because you werent the class you need to be to use that spell. First I will Show you how to Duplicate Items, The Easyiest Way!

Duplicating Items With Packet Editing

1. Ok You should now have Maple Story open with the Packet editing Client Injected. Press ALT + Enter to Make the Game Windowed. Now Go into the Free Market and Go into any of the FM Channels. (So that know one can see you if you Excellzone up [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] ) Now Go to your TiMBuS PE Their should be a Little Strip Where you can type the Packet in and then press Send.

2. First Copy and Paste This Packet Into the Line. 6F 00 00 05 08 00 54 72 79 73 74 20 3C 33 00 1D 00 70 C0 4C 00 That Line will Let you open a show ANYWHERE if the server permits shops.

3. Now that the Shop is open Take Any USE or ETC Item and Put it in the Shop quanity of 1, and press 2100000000 Which is 2.1 billion. Then put this code into the TiMBuS PE Packet Line 6F 00 20 00 FF FF FF 80 00 Then dont press send yet, But this time Press SPAM. This will spam the server and will duplicate that item you will see Money flashing in your inventory and also in the bottom right you will see the items duplicating! When your done just uncheck spam and then press leave store and you will have ALOT of The same item!

Duplicating Messo's

1. To Duplicate Messo's is Very Simpile All you need to do is go into the FM and put This into the Packet edit line. 6F 00 00 05 08 00 54 72 79 73 74 20 3C 33 00 1D 00 70 C0 4C 00 Then press Send.

2. The shop will now be open. Now take ANY ETC Item and put it in the shop for Quanity: 1 and Messo's for : 2100000000 (2.1 Bill Which is the Max)

3. Now Put this code into the Packet Editing Line and Press Send
6F 00 20 00 FF FF FF 80 00

Now if you look into your bag you should have Max Messo's!

Packet Editing Spells Into your Character

1. Alright this is very simple also In the file you downloaded Their is A text file called ReMiiX PE, This has almost every spell and everything you will ever need to Packet edit.

2. Take a Spell From inside the ReMiiX Pe and enter it into the Packet Edit Line. For Example Genesis - 7B 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 47 00 00 00 01 70 6A 23 00 Now Press Send.

3. Now your going to have to Change Channels and then Look at the Key Config for your Home Button on your keyboard. That should now be the skill Genesis!

4. Just Move Genesis into a diffrent Key Config and it will save it so you dont need to keep Re Packet editing.

Now Have fun with being pro's at Hacking Maple Story!


iMReMiiX - Tutorial/Packets
Whoever - Making TimbusPE


Have a Great Time hacking MapleStory!

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