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Head Administer
Head Administer
Kabing Source based off XiuzSource 3.1 made by XiuzSu. Amazing job he did!
Also XiuzSource was based off Xotic, so thanks Xotic Team for making the best source in the world!

Updates + Full Features

---------------------- XiuzSource Original Features ------------------------

(Version 1.0)
Removed ALL exploits.
Fixed MapleShops not sellings pots and such.
Fixed Cooldown mistake ban.
Fixed pets not eating petfood if you have more than 1.
Fixed characters ID's numbers of the tables.
Fixed Sending/receiving notes problem.
Fixed Merchants from getting items stolen from PE.
Fixed Shops to get money when items are sold.
Fixed Merchants being open with PE.
Fixed Mesos drop PE.
Max channels is now 20.

(Version 1.1)
Added auto-ban for damage hack.
Added auto-ban for summon damage hack.
Added auto-ban for abnormal damage receive.
Added commands for donators.
Added easy map/channel PvP selection on World.pro.
Removed ester egg drop.
Removed logged in notice/buff for normal players.
Changed beginning spawn point to training camp.
Fixed D/C when combo and transformation are active.
Fixed mesos starting over at 0 if you go over max.

(Version 1.2)
Fixed 15 unclosed connections.
Added auto register.
Added auto register on/off at world.pro.
Added slot purchase to the CS.
Added more security on MTS.
Removed MOST PE methods.

(Version 1.3)
Added anti-pet PE crash.
Added anti-drop-dupe PE.
Added anti-smega PE.
Fixed 3 unclosed connections.
Fixed skill maxer.
Fixed autoregister.
Fixed nested exception error.
Fixed making a merchant anywhere PE.
Improved CashItemFactory.

(Version 1.4)
Added Pmob.
Added Pnpc.
Removed last exploit.
Fixed guilds.

(Version 1.5)
Added better reborn system.
Added IP-tracker.
Fixed auto-register.

(Version 1.6)
Fixed combo to work for all classes.
Added Autoban switch in world.properties.
Added increase of maximun text before ban to 100.

(Version 1.7)
Cleaned DB.
Cleaned SQL.
Personalized the source to 'XiuzSource' name.
Added MTS turn on/off option in world.pro.
Added CashShop turn on/off option in world.pro.
Added one more fix for duey.
Added !closemerchants.
Removed SQL command from admins.
Fixed pet +1 mass feeding.

(Version 1.Cool
Fixed 1 unclosed connection.
Fixed after reborn level to 1.
Fixed all kinds of pet food to work.
Fixed double 'goto' commands.
Added 1 window starter bat.
Added 3 PE preventions to merchants.
Added option to allow/disallow non-GM's to wear GM items.

(Version 1.9)
Added full Merchants.
Edited a few things for player commands.
Edited Frederic a bit.

(Version 2.0)
Fixed Frederic.
Fixed !goto command.
Fixed last merchant error.
Fixed 7 unclosed connections.
Fixed after reborn level to 1.
Added 1 PE prevention to merchants.

(Version 2.1)
Added skill maxer to sera.
Added !killnear command.
Fixed !goto command.
Fixed gaining mesos problem.
Fixed negative experience.

(Version 2.2)
Fixed gaining mesos problem.
Added temporary negative exp fix.

(Version 2.3)
Fixed setlevel.
Fixed mesos problem.
Fixed negative experience.
Fixed 4 unclosed connections.
Added quests drops.
Added player NPC's.
Added two worlds option in world.pro.
Changed autoban default to active.
Organized world.pro.

(Version 2.4)
Fixed player name PE.
Fixed quest start PE.
Fixed CashItem PE.
Fixed d/c PE.
Fixed party problems.
Added packets.
Removed packets print-out.

(Version 2.5)
Fixed pets.
Fixed 2 CPU leaks.
Fixed 10 unclosed connections.
Fixed show logged off when hidden.
Removed possible SQL injection.
Changed experience table check.

(Version 2.6)
Fixed d/c problem.
Added option for max account for A/R.

(Version 2.7)
Improved Duey.
Removed a few commands.
Added commands spam control.
Added extra commands option.
Fixed Merchant item owner tag.
Organized extras/players/donators commands.

(Version 2.Cool
Source clean up.
Clear comments.
Fixed 10 unclosed connections.

(Version 2.9)
Changed begining messages extra "MS".
Fixed pets food after one.

(Version 3.0)
Fixed all pet foods.
Fixed regular permit error.
Fixed full Player Shops.
Added check for non-existent NX items.

(Version 3.1)
Fixed MTS

-------------------------- Kabing Source Updates ---------------------------

(Version 3.2)
Added Training Zones
Added Event System (Ice Tears)
Added Holiday Event System
Fixed Mitten Exploit

(Version 3.3)
New NX Seller Added
New Warper with Variety of Maps
3 New Custom Quests Added to Shanks
Added Boss Hunting System (Presents)

(Version 3.4)
Added Boss Pieces
Fixed Prices
Fixed Horntails, Zakum, Pap (Should work fine now)
LudiPQ Half Done

(Version 3.5)
Job Advancement 4th Job Completely Fixed
Mounts Purchasable
Pet FAQS + Server FAQS Added to Shanks
Vendors Working (Still Broken Bundles)
KIN and NIMAKIN Updated
Timeless + Elemental Weapons Purchasable

(Version 3.6)
Stat Resetter Easy Access
Mastery Books 100% Functional and Purchasable
Storage Keeper Working + More Sltos
New Smegaphone Machine (Lets players type infinite test per Shout)
Music NPC Added + Music Change Fix

(Version 3.7)
Added cm.getAnnounce
Every Time a new Player Joins it will Announce to Server
HappyVille Updated with Scripts
Custom NPCS In Repack (You need to add with PlayerNpc Command)
New Shave Command added for fun

(Version 3.Cool
Fixed some other Exploits
Cleaned up Unnecessary FM Npcs
Updated, good for Low Rate Servers Mostly Now
Noobs come Dressed as Football Players
Sera NPC Changed Up Some!

(Version 3.9)
Added Working Event Scripts for all PQs, Every Single one (You have to fix the reactors and drops though)
New Commands added -
@shout (quick way to server shout)
@music (change music to your liking on any map)
Balanced out Training Zone Quests
Took out unnecessary/abusive commands from Player Commands
Fixed some other junk again!

Enjoy the Source. If you want to change, remove, or add anything feel free to. But I will not
be updating this source anymore. It was the base source for my old server. Hope you like this source
regardless. Thanks to XiuzSu for the original XiuzSource, amazing job he did.

--------------- MaplePuppet + XiuzSu + The Xotic Source Team ---------------

Download Kabing Source 3.9 - CLICK HERE

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Level 0
Level 0
hello, can you tell me what npc in the kabing source that are new, and i will pmob it in my server

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Level 0
Level 0
can you list some of the npcs that i should pmob in my server

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Level 0
Level 0
how do i make myself a gm? i went into the admin account its not a gm i set my gm level in mysql doesnt work help?

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Level 0
Level 0
can plz you upluad to mediafire

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Level 0
Any chance of this getting re-uploaded?

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Level 0
Link off.

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