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Well I am going to explain it here and Give Instructions, Before we Started I want to tell you What is a " Packet ", A Packet is a Code Created from what your doing for Example, If you Die, Your going to get a packet, If you record that you may be able to Use it and die As much as you want, Packets Are pretty straight forward, Even thought I'm not a " Packet Expert ", I know Most things about them, Well Here's some Instructions! Have fun~

How to Spam/Send Packets:
1. Download a PE Or a Packet Spammer/Sender
2. Usually For most PE's there should be a Huge Blank line
3. Paste your Packet there.
4. Some Where on that Program your going Has to have a Spammer(>>>) Or Sender(>)
5. Click the Button you want And It should Send or spam.

How to Find Packets:
1. Download a PE
2. Do the Movement you want, EXAMPLE: Death
3. Copy That packet
4. Spam/Send/Secks W.e You want with it.
You can Just find very, JUST FOR FUN Packets on GameKiller, Like Sending you to happyville, Dieing, Revive , Dissconnecting People.

How to Edit DC Packets:
1. Record The packet you want to Edit.
2. Look for the XX , YY And W.E
3. Use a HEX Editor, And HEX the victims IGN.
4. Replace it with Which ever letters it is Usually XX
5. Count there IGN, And Use the following to Replace The letters usually YY:


1 Letters = 01
2 Letters = 02
3 Letters = 03
4 Letters= 04
5 Letters= 05
6 Letters= 06
7Letters= 07
8 Letters= 08
9 Letters= 09
10 Letters= 0A
11 Letters= 0B
12 Letters= 0C

Have Fun ~

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