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Okey the moment has come. idk if alot of you were waiting for this but here it is. in my opinion the only bad thing i can find on this tool is that the account needs to have this information in order for this to work.

User Pass: gamekiller
User PIC: 111111
Also this are the Hotkeys:
Auto Attack: Control

Auto Loot: Z
Yea i know please excuse my noobness [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

w/e after that this will work as a charm.

Note: You may not combine this with another auto attack/Loot.
You can do it with auto buff pot and stuff but not attack and loot.

just watch the video i will be adding a picture soon.

P.S Dont even try to go on my account im not that DUMB.

From my part atm thats all please report how this works.
Note: The delay of in&out its based in miliseconds. in the video i use 30000 which is 30 seconds for go in and out. it was just for testing so i would recomend to try hmm 1hr delay or 30min and see how it works.
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Note: If you want to complain about the set pas and pic please save your comments to your self

Credis go TO Bounce

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