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MjClarke1 - For Dynasty CMS
Matt - for Code
Dan - for Developing Scripts
Note: Sorry MjClarke1 and Matt by not asking your permissions, kinda busy. Thanks for creating Dynasty CMS.
PS: Fill up the form to get your requested modules the download link will be sent to your E-mail Address.
Dynasty CMS rev7 - Rapidshare
Developed Modules -
Direct Download
Media fire
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Dynasty CMS rev7:
Basic Functions:

* Home
* Register
* Downloads
* Rankings
* Server Info
* Staff
* User Panel
* Admin Panel
* Forums

Currently within the User Panel there is:

* Change Password
* Delete my character (will clean the database of friends, quests, items and character)
* Delete my account (Will clean database of storage, items, friends, characters, account and quests)
* Change my class
* Logout

Currently within the Admin Panel there is:

* Edit News
* Ban
* Unban
* Change someones class
* Make an account a GM
* Reset a characters level
* Change a Characters name
* Change a Clan name
* Change a characters stats
* Change a characters level
* Delete a clan
* Delete a account
* Delete a character


Side Panel

* Login Server Status
* Character Server Status
* World Server Status
* Total Users Online
* Total Accounts
* Total Characters
* Total GameMasters
* Total Clans
* Server rates (Exp, Drop, Zuly)
* Voting Links


Other features

* ****** Password field for registering.
* ****** for logging in.
* Admin CP works for accesslevel 300 +
* Admins and use User CP
* No GMs on Rankings
* Easily configurable. Soon it will use an SQL Configuration instead of the messy config.php Very Happy


*Clear Status Points will clear your stat Points and return it to Zero and added to your Free Stat Points.
*Change Gender - Change your Current Gender from Male to Female vice-versa.
*Reborn System - Reborned Character will become Level 1 and Free 50 Statpoints every Reborn.
*Ranking on Userbar - Top 3 Reborn Ranking on Userbar.
*Clear Skills - Clear all Skills except Basic Skills.
*Added Price and Level requirements for the Following:
--Clear Stat
--Change Gender
--Clear Skill
--Reborn Character
--Change Class

Installation Instructions:

Installing the Dynasty CMS:

1. in a web browser go to the cms page and add /install/install.php to the link. My case :


Enter all the information needed and proceed. It will install and thats it. If you need to edit something in the dynastycms sql you can from the admin cp Smile ~ Original Post by MjClarke1

Installing Added Modules by Dan:
1. Download the Added Modules.
2. Then extract it to your Rose Online Dynasty CMS directory.
3. The added folder includes, functions; modules; and Template.
Just replace your existing folders if asked.
4. Open functions/config.php you will see the following lines:
// Dynasty CMS Configuration

// ************************
// Database Configuration
// ************************

$dbhost = 'localhost'; // Database Password
$dbuser = ''; // Database Username
$dbpasswd = ''; // Database Password
$dbname = 'roseon'; // Database Name
// ************************
// Status Configuration
// ************************
$host = ''; // Server IP for status
$log_port = '29000'; // Server port for status
$char_port = '29100'; // Server port for status
$world_port = '29200'; // Server port for status
$online = '<b><font color="Green"> Online </font></b>'; // To say when online
$offline = '<b><font color="Red"> Offline </font></b>'; // To say when offline
$template = 'default'; // template
// ************************
// Staffs Configuration
// ************************
$admins = ''; //administrator
$gms = ''; //server GMs
$devs = ''; //Developers
// ************************
// Userpanel Configurations
// ************************
$cresetzuly = '1000000'; //Zulie Price Reborn
$cresetstatzuly = '500000';// Clear stat Zulie Price
$cclasszuly = '1500000';// Change Class Zulie Price
$cresetskill = '500000';// Reset Skill Zulie Price
$cstatp = '50';// Reborn Free Stat points
$csexzuly = '5000000';// Change Sex Zuly Price\
$reblevel = '250'; //Reborn Level
$restatlevel = '10';// Reset Stat Level needed
$reskilllevel = '10'; // Clear Skill Level Needed

Change the:
Database Username to your Username default is root
Database Password to your Password
Database name to your Database name default is roseon
Then close it and save.

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