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Head Administer
Head Administer
Cype For 74/75 V2 edit

Original Cype:
SVN:Cype(Plain SVN)
Cype (Plain Mediafire)

Old Cype Mod:

Cype Mod(Old version from me)

Download Link:

Cype Mod V2
(Don't Know why the files so big compared to the original)

Configureation Files to Edit:

1. Fill your database configuration

2. Fill your database configuration (Need this for Vote for NX to Work)


3. Edit Vote link in Vote.php



Last released feature from me
Added video editing page (admin CP)
Video page
Staff page
Edited ranking for Reborn
Edited main Ranking too
added reborns to ranking
added Vote for nx (luckystoryCMS)
Changed "Community" to "Forum"
Added account deletion
Took out register from the header(too much on the header)
Added Sword cursor (timeless claymore i think)
Added Screenshots(Butsags CMS)
edited header
Added Server Art(Modified version of screenshot)
Fixed Redirect(butsags CMS)
Account deletion(Hainesy)
Edited TOS starting
Fixed Download Link for 75(Nexon Removed old Link)


Main Page Top Half and Mini Rank + reborns:

Main Page Second Half:

Art/Screenshot Feature:

Full Ranking + reborns:

Redirect Working Now:

Admin CP + link to edit Video:

Edit Video Page(embled video or HTML):

View Video Page(link on left navigation bar or what ever you call it):

Staff page:

Art and Screenshot Folder (Located at www\images\(Art or Screenshot depending on which one you want to add images to))

btw dont run the staff.sql run this instead

ALTER TABLE`characters` ADD `StaffType` VARCHAR(200) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_bin NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;

cause the other one doesnt have a defualt value


Butsags CMS(Screenshots and Redirect)
LuckyStory CMS(Vote For NX)(iAkira)
Cype Dev (Original Cype)
Omegaheros (Putting this together and The other Features)

If Your Going to be using this or releasing This somewhere else Please leave the All CREDITS

If your going to use this please thank Me

if you have suggestions post if below

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Level 1
Honestly i gotta give it to you you must be on RageZone 24/7 Looking at every MapleStory private server thing and posting it here thanks man you help so idont have to browse ragezone all day you put it hear Smile Thanks

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Level 2

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Level 0
Amazing using this right now. Thanks ! Very Happy

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