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Hey guys, I was bored and I decided to make this quick guide, and I've also been getting some questions. So heres a Clean quick guide on how to make your own V83 Server!.

Program's needed to make server :
NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 Click Here
JDK 6 Update 21 (Any Update is fine) Click Me
MySQL Guide Tools Click Me
MySQL Query Browser Click Me
WampServer 2.0 (optional) Click Me
Hex Workshop Click Me
TortoiseSVN Click Me

MoopleDEV Click Here
ReFLeCTMS Source Click Here
ImprovedStory Source Click Here
LocalMS Source Click Here
DelphiSource Click Here
WonkaSource Click Here

Clean Localhost Click Here
Custom Localhost Click Here

v83 WZ Files Click Here
JRE Policy Files: Click Here

Step 1.
Download the programs above and install them. You will need to download the JRE And WZ Files before you start making the private server just so you know!!

Step 2.
Open your WampServer, and power it. [Keep it powered as you will need it for your mysql browser].
If you've never used MYSQL Browser look at the next step. Or skip the next step if you know how to use MYSQL Query Browser.

Step 3. (Optional)
This is for your Mysql Browser Settings:
Stored Connection: [Blank]
Server Host: Localhost
Password: [Leave blank or what you put in your install]
Default Schema: MoopleDev Or something like that.

Step 4. You must now use Netbeans to compile. Heres a guide on how to compile if you've never compiled.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Step 5. Once you've finished compiling everything, you must now go to your source, and the WZ XML you downloaded, Extract it into your SOURCE.

Step 6. Now your done, All you have to do is press Starter.bat. If it doesn`t work in the first try, then try again.

Step 7. Now you have to setup your localhost.
Okay so, Right click on your localhost v83 , and press HEX EDIT.
Then press CTRL-F And set it as Text String. Once you've done that, type in Now replace that with your Wan-IP or Hamachi IP.

And thats it! You have your own V83 Maplestory Private Server !Smile

- Credits to JerkySalad For the Guide.
- Credits to iMystery For DL Links!

Thank me if i helped!

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Level 0
Hey, how can I add player commands and npcs and change some things like that? I am using Delphi Source because that all source repack doesnt works, only Delphi Source workzzz..... and my GMs commands isnt working!

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