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Yeah 2 new trainers for you guys.


DarkDF- DragonFable Trainer
SlimAQ- AdventureQuest/Battleon Trainer
AQNoob 2007- AdventureQuest/Battleon Trainer

All are up to date, so need to switch SWF

In the future when you must change the SWF (the version, because of updates) all you have to do is go here:Battleon.com and on the bottom left of the yellow box it will say AdventureQuestVersion: **** <---it will have numbers. The current version is 34.2. So if the version is 34.2, change it to 3420.swf. If it is 43.9, change it to 4390.swf. Simple as that.

So when you must change the version, all you have to do is go to the SWF box and change the base address to the current version. it should look like this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]3420.swf The red number is the one you change in order to change the version.

No tutorial needed for the Trainers, too self explanatory. Run them, check the SWF for the version, correct it if needed, then log in and hack.

FOR THE DARKDF TRAINER: When you open it, it will say "Please Type in a Username", you don't have to you don't want to, the username is just for a small pop up box that links you to a chatroom with other fellow DragonFable players. Just type in anything, like 8293547 if you want.


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It doesn't work on my windows 7!How do i fix that?

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this sucks

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