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Ok I just finished it.

I am releasing something after a Really long time so hope you like it, and if you do, theres that smexy looking thanks button at the bottom =)

P.S dont flame me for the ****ty GFX, i know i fail =)

This trainer consists of the following :

1. Accuracy Hack

2. No breath

3. Tubi

4. Damage Cap

5. Magic Attack Cap

6. Meso Drop Cap

7. Minimum Damage - My favourite =)

8. Mage Damage

9. Theif Damage

10. Mana regeneration

11. Speed attack - NO DELAY FOR ALL SKILLS EVEN THE BASIC ATTACK =) For this one, I would like to thank a .CT i found on YOUTUBE =) !!!!!

12. 7 miss god mode


1. Accuracy Hack

This hack when ticked sets your acc to 999 (max)

2. No breath

Again pretty straight forward, no breath =)

3. Tubi

This one works for some server, and for some it doesnt so =)

4. Damage Cap

Sets your maximum damage again works for most servers, and for some it doesnt.

5. Magic Attack Cap

As you may have noticed on the side of your stats window, there is "magic" this is the ammount of magic power you posses this just edits it making it higher or lower.

6. Meso Drop Cap

This ones pretty fun if your transfering items through accs, just drop a 2.1b meso sack =)

7. Minimum Damage

MY favourite, sets your minimum damage really really high =)

8. Mage Damage

Dont use this much but its fun to play with, increases mage damage by a certain %.

9. Thief Damage

Same as mage damage.

10. Mana Regeneration

Regenrates Mana by a certain ammount every 10 seconds, or immediatly depending on your server.

11. Speed attack

No delay for all skills, and basic attacks.

For speed attack I would like to thank the person who uploaded a .CT to Youtube =) i used the address from that.

like i mean why go to the trouble of finding it by myself, when its like right there right?

12. 7 miss god mode

you can figure out what this is right? lol miss 7 times than hit, and repeat.

================================================== ===================================

Anyway, thats all for now, im planning on updating it at any chance i may get, or if i find something new, and if you find something new and you wana share just, you knoooow pm me =)

Ok now for how to use the hack with the value box:

Just input a value lol.

for most i suppose theres a limit that you shouldnt cross if you dont wana get a/bed

for the damage which gets the most noticed the minimum one, dont cross 5.0 on a well coded server they pick it up pretty fast.

================================================== ================================================== ==

How to use:
in the read me =)

1. Rename your private server .exe to GamerzKing

- yes thats right GamerzKing AND CAPITALS MATTER!!!

2. Right Click the trainer

3. Run As Admin

4. Click Launch

5. Choose GamerzKing.exe

6. GO in game

7. Press hot key.

8. boom it works!!!

================================================== ========================

If you like it press the thanks button, if you dont, well dont flame i spent my time on this =)

and if you have questions feel free to pm me or post here il answer them.

And I have tested these hacks for one server:

Rydah ms and most of them work, others worked on another pser, so if it doesnt work on yours then =( im sorry.

and one last thing. if you dont trust me, dont flame please saying its a virus, its just a false positive.

Have fun and remember:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

and im working on a fly hack so, if i get it working =) just you wait!

Fk, how come the boxes didnt show up????? damit il try and fix it hold up. sht, il have to remake it, il upload it soon, just do what u can atm.

caution about the damage hack, just got ip banned from rydah =P hiting max dmg at lvl 3, with 0 rbs =)


Alright uploaded the proper one this time.
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