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-Updated to 1.1 @ 28.10.2010 23:20 UTC + 1


  • 1.0:
  • Basic code
  • 1.1:
  • Added loot option
  • Added fightdelay option, make sure to set loot to F8


I've been coding intelligent bots for RuneScape for some time now.. I've been active on RSBot.org (powerbot.org nowadays) last winter and made some good money back then. While the community changed and I quit I started to play around with other games too.

Now I release this, quite nooby, levelbot which has gotten three of my characters to the levels 70-100 on ROSE. I must warn you, the bot is NOT very noob friendly but works if you know how to use it.

Here is a screenshot of the GUI, in game action video comes as I get a better internet connection.

Some features:

  • Supports multiple clients. (I've been running 3 at a time)
  • Eats/Heals at a given HP percentage
  • Same for mana
  • Works best on dealers and clerics using summons
  • Supports all kinds of summons
  • Can either select and attack an enemy or...
  • Stand still and cast an AoE skill
  • Has dynamic XP, XP/Hour and Runtime info
  • Can be paused/resumed at any time
  • Is able to target itself before casting heals
  • Supports currently ONE skill which will be cast at given interval
  • Has an experimental ammo reloading feature which needs YOU to give the adress.
  • Supports backround windows.

How to use:
Start up ROSE and go to the spot you want to use
Set your key config in the second (IMPORTANT!) line of bind as follows:
F1 = Target Enemy
F2 = Normal Attack
F3 = Target Self
F4 = Heal/Food
F5 = Mana
F6 = Summon
F7 = Any skill you want to use
F8 = Loot

For ammo support you need to bind all the ammo you are carrying to the keys F1-F8 in the fourth line of keys.

Set the options as you want.
Tick the RUN! box.

Options :
-HP Limit = If the HP % falls below this it will heal/eat
-MP Limit = As above
-Use Summons? = Tick if you want the bot to summon mercenaries.

-Melee? = Just ignores the walking animation when detecting if you are fighting. NOT WORKING YET!

-Target Self for Heal? = If ticked, the bot will press F3 before pressing F4
-Fight Anim = IMPORTANT! Write your fight animation here. 47 for dealers and 39 for clerics with wands.

-Summon Limit? = If the summon gauge drops below this the bot will summon a new mercenary.

-Use Ammo = Experimental! Asks for the ammo adress if ticked. Tries to restock ammo if the value at the ammo adress is < 200. The ammo adress should look like this: 0x0061B650

-Heal'n Skill? = If ticked the bot won't target and attack.
-Use Skill? = If ticked the bot will press F7 at the given interval. Use for AoEs or party heals. If using as AoE remember to tick Heal'n Skill too.

-Eat Delay? = The delay between eating/healing HP
-Fight Delay? = The delay the bot waits after attacking an enemy before checking if you have stopped fighting

- Attached

Donations are very appreciated and I'll add path walking if I get enough =)
Send them to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] via Paypal

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