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So, Im still working on the speed trainer, you'll notice in this bot it's present, but has no effect (for most if not all people). Currently I have completed writing the code to read, search, and write to live memory. So the hard parts over. Now I just need to complete the "Calibration" end of things, automating the calculations of movement speed in order to locate the exact value to edit. Once Im done that I'll be testing again, and anybody who was testing for me before is welcome to help.

So anyhow, got bored of playing with memory editting code and decided to slap together a zuly tower option. Totally useless and wastes your zuly... but its fun This feature is active now, and available on my site, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] in the portal area. And of course I'll attach it to this post for those who prefer to wait for mods to search for keyloggers and viruses and other stuff people are paranoid about

I'm still gonna tweak it a bit, but its fully functional and works great if you follow the instructions provided.

There is also a new dependency file included in this zip, MCLHotkey.ocx, keep this file in the same directory as the bot and all will be fine.

Bot wont start? Install the VB6 Runtimes Attached Files

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